19 Nov 2016

Well, It's taken me a long time to put my experience in writing. About ten years ago I used to go fishing with a small group of guys, It often involved staying over night in B&Bs. One day a new guy joined our group and I finished up rooming with him. His name was Brian, about 60 years old, ten year older than me! First thing I noticed about him was that he was very touchy feely with me, but I just took it as being friendly. Anyway, the first night we roomed we had a few pints in the pub beforehand. When we got in our room he wasted no time in striping down to his underpants, He said don't mind me, I just like to be comfortable when I can. He stood there making small talk, and stuff about fishing. I found that I was becoming fascinated with his body, He was stocky build, bit of a beer belly and very hairy, and the bulge in his pants looked huge to me. After a while I told him that I was very tired and best turn in for the night ok he said and went over and sat on his bed. I could feel his eyes on me as I striped down to my underpants and climbed into bed. I lay there thinking about his body, and I got a massive erection to my surprise, but I soon drifted off to sleep, I don't know how long I'd been sleeping but I woke up a bit confused, I could feel my arm being touched and a voice saying softly are you asleep? My heart missed a beat when I realised that Brian was standing next to me lifting and dropping my arm, I thought it was best to pretend I was asleep, I was embarrassed and excited at the same time, I let out little snores to tell him I was fast asleep. He then picked up my arm and run my hand over what I think in the dark was his hairy tummy, then he moved my hand down and it came into contact with his very hard cock, he close my fingers round it a started using my hand to slowly wank it up and down. I was loving his attention and the feel of his hard cock, and it was very hard! After a few mins his other hand touched my head and his finger brushed my mouth, he pulled away from me and my arm fell, a few seconds elapsed then his cockhead was pushing against my lips, then with a bit of a gentle push it was in my mouth, he started pushing slowly back and forth, Its the first time I'd had a cock in my mouth but I was loving it. This seemed to be going on for ages and I wondered if he was going to come in my mouth. Suddenly he moved away, I felt disappointment as I heard him walk off. Then my heart really skipped again when I felt the covers being pulled up the other side of the bed, then I felt my pants being pulled down. I was a bit scared of what was about to happen and I wondered if I should suddenly become alert and stop him. by the time all these thoughts had gone through my head he was rubbing my little hole with his finger, it felt a bit cold first of all then I realised he had just lubed me with something. Then I felt the head of his cock push against my hole, it felt really warm and nice. He slowly pushed harder and I felt a sharp pain as his cock started to enter me, more and more of it went in and the pain went away, Then he started to slowly fuck me, Its a feeling better that I'd ever imagined I knew he was deed in me because I could feel his hairy balls on my bum cheak as he pushed all the way in, his slow strokes started to get faster and faster then I felt him tense up behind me and he let out a groan, I could feel his cock pulsating like mad and knew he was filling me up.

I came clean with Brian eventually that I was awake and enjoyed it. We have enjoyed each other many times since.