Written by Melanie

27 Aug 2006

I work in London and was due to meet my husband for drinks one Friday night. I'd been looking forward to it all day so was disappointed when he text me to say he had a meeting to go to and wouldn't be able to make our date. Feeling let down, I knew that a few girls from the office were going for drinks and a bite to eat so I thought I'd tag along. We had drinks and decided to go to a club, I text my husband to say that I wouldn't be home as we were making a night of it. He was going to have to stay away anyway. The girls and I went to a club and after having quite a few drinks I got chatting to a really nice guy, he was nice looking, average height and build but not pushy or full of himself. He asked what I was doing out on my own so I told him I'd been let down and was at a bit of a loose end. We had a few more a drinks, a slow dance and he offered to see me home. I explained that I wasn't going home and was hoping to find a hotel for the night. He said that was fine and he knew somewhere I could stay that would be ok. He took me to a hotel near the club and booked a room. We sat in the bar, flirted a bit more and I decided that I wanted to take this further - he seemed to be up for it too. I explained that I'd never done anything like this before, had been married for nearly 15 years and so this was really out of character for me. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about and that if I wanted to stop at anytime, we would. He was such a nice guy I couldn't resist and I was also upset with my husband for letting me down. We finished our drinks and headed up to the room. When we went he, he kissed me slowly, caressed me and made me feel very sexy. We moved to the bed and started to slowly undress each other, he kissed me down my neck, my breasts and stomach - he made me tingle all over, I wanted him there and then, we made love and it was sensual and passionate and he made me come, which hadn't happened for a while with my husband and it felt fantastic! He kissed me then and we went to sleep. It wasn't the raunchiest of nights I've had but it was certainly an experience and one I would probably do again.