Written by watcher

3 Jun 2006

me and my wife sue recently went for a meal in a local restaraunt, it was a lovely summer evening and sue was wearing high heels and a see through dress you could see her tiny thong and her nipples were clearly visible, sue looks great the waiter came over to give us the menu, he was about forty id say quite attractive italian, he instantly homed in on sues lovely cleavage, as the evening progressed he paid mor and more attention to sue making every excuse to come over and talk to her, he even explained the history of why coffee beans are put in sambuka,i could see this guy wanted to fuck my wife, ive always wanted to watch sue get a good fuck off a big cock , i was thinking this could be a good opportunity, halfway through the desert i made my excuses to go to the mens room, the waiter henry followed me into the toilets,he was stood at the urinal next to me and as he unzipped i couldnt stop my self from looking he had a such a thick long cock he smiled and asked if sue was enjoying her meal i said yes she is, i also said as i looked at his cock she would enjoy that even more, he smiled and said it would be a honour to fuck such a lovely lady, my heart was racing before i bottled it i quickly blurted out she fancies you why dont you go in the restaraunt and have a chat, i stayed in the toilet he went into the restaraunt, i gave then five minutes then i came out sue was laughing and flirting withhim and i noticed he had one hand on susans hand and the other on her lap, just before i got to the table i saw sue put what looked like a bussiness card into her hand bag , i sat down looked at the waiter as he walked away and said to sue i think he fancies you sue replied domt be daft and we continued with our meal, we got home and i was dying for a shag, we both went upstairs we got naked and sues cunt was dripping and she was gagging for it i give her a good hard fuck but i knew whilst i was fucking her she must have been thinking about henry her waiter, on wednesday night she popped out to the shop so i took my chance to look into her hand bag to look if i could see the card that henry had left , i found it and on the back he written his mobile number, i checked sues mobile to see if she had phoned him and the dirty litle slut had , i went instantly hard, when she camr home i said nothing , the next evening she annouced that she might go to the trafford shopping mall, to shop for her holidays, i said ok , when she left in our car i followed her in my van, she headed straight for the restaraunt and suprise suprise, she pulled up and henry jumped in her car, i followed them they ended up at a quite location in a country park in the car park, instantly they jumped out the car and got into the back, i took my chance to creep up to the car, it was amazing, within seconds sue was kissing him hard and deep, likes she kisses me just before we fuck , i noticed then that she had very little on no nickers just stockings and high heels, no bra henry pulled her top down and my wifes lovely tits fell out her niples were red hot and hard,sue fell on her back spread her legs over the front seats and henry pulled out that big fat cock and fucked my wife rigid sue was in heaven she looked a real slut she couldnt get enough of his cock within about a minute i heard henry moan and he shot his load right up sues cunt, i could see sue was frustrated she hadnt come yet, i could hear her say get out side to henry, i had to move quick but was undetected, sue made henry lean on the car, she squatted down in her high heels i was inchws away from her cunt and she began to suck off henry to make him hard god this was so exciting, as her head bobbed up and down, i could see henrys cum dripping out of her i so wanted to go up her, henry was hard again, sue leaned over the bonnet had spread her legs henry is quite a lot taller than sue so he had to bend down to slide that big italian cock up her but he fucked her well and hard i could see the cum and sues juices shining on his big thick cock just as sue was about to come another car pulled up, sue screamed at him not to fuckin stop , just do me now, cum inside me, henry obliged it was obvious to the other couple in the car what was happening they pretended not to see but they got a right eye full of my wife being banged by her favorite waiter, henry pulled out of sue, , sue stood up put her tits back in her top and they both got into the car, i took a short cut to my van , and left , sue got home before me and she was in the shower, but she had left hershoes on the landing, they had dribbles of thick italian spunk on them, i couldnt stop myself i had a fast furious wank over them, i then went down stairs and outside looked into the car there was spunk stains on the back and another large cum stain on the drivers seat i wonder how she will explain those away to me, iwent back inside sue was coming down stairs , looking radient and satisfied, she sat on the sofa and i snuggled up to her and asked if she fancied a shag she kissed me and said not tonight dave im tired , i said ok , but thought you dirty lying little slut wife, then i went back up stairs and had a wank re counting in my mind how henry had fucked my wife, i think ill phone henry to morrow and ask him what he thought about my wife as a shag