Written by Billy

21 Feb 2006

This is a true story about a dogging experience I had.

It was around four years at a popular dogging spot I know. I had been going there for some time and knew some of the regular faces. This was a summer night around 10 O’clock. There had been the usual rumours of which couples were out and who was looking for what. Among these rumours were tales of a gorgeous blonde in a Clio whose partner had told someone that she wanted to suck lots of cocks. As we were talking, someone said “Who’s in that car over there?” pointing to a light coloured Clio. I was among the first to get there to check it out. As we approached, the interior light came on to reveal a couple in the car. He was in his late 40s to early 50s and she around 24. She had plaited longish honey blonde hair and was wearing a wrap over cardigan thing. As we approached, he was kissing her. He then undid her top to reveal a lovely pert pair of tits, which he went on to fondle and squeeze as around 6 guys watched. He then pulled up her skirt to reveal dark pubes nestling between her legs. As we watched, he pushed her legs apart and started to play with her clit. By now, all of us guys had our cocks out wanking.

Dave, a black guy, approached the car with his cock out, all of us waiting with baited breat to see if she would open the window – better than that, she opened the car door!! Dave approached the car and she reached out to take his big black cock in her hand, pulling it towards her mouth and suking on it hungrily. Dave stood on the step of the car, fucking her mouth hard as he held onto the top of the car. By now here guy had a video camera out filming her sucking him. He must have got a great shot as dave came what looked like gallons of thick, creamy cum. It was too much for her to take in her mouth and ran thickly out of the corner, sliding down her left tit, where she rubbed it in.

Mark pulled away and a guy named Pete took his place. Again she reached out, pulling his less impressive cock towards her mouth and sucking it. She had a strange BJ method, holding their cocks lightly between two fingers and wanking them really fast as she flicked her tongue back and forth over the knobs. Despite the fact that Pete had fucked a middle aged woman earlier in the night, she managed to make him cum pretty quick, again the excess escaped her mouth and ran down her tits.

I was happily wanking when the guy who should have been next moved out of the way and called me forward. As I did, she got out of the car completely, and, with her skirt pulled up to her waist and her legs open, took my cock between her fingers, wanking me fast as her wet mouth engulfed my rock hard cock. I was there around five minutes or so, doing my best to hold back my cum when suddenly an older guy, in his 50s came forward from the crowd and offered her his cock at the same time. She pushed it into her mouth alongside mine just as he shot his cum. The feeling of another guys cum on my cock as it was held between this gorgeous girls lips was unbelievable and I soon added my load to her mouth.

As I recovered, she now started to take the guys two at a time, sucking, licking and wanking for all she was worth as her guy filmed all of the action. Seeing the way she was squatting I lay on the floor to one side and put my hand onto her knickerless cunt. It was red hot and soaking wet as I played among her pubes, flicking her hot clit, but when I pushed my finger into her hole she was not so keen, pulling away. In the interest of the other guys getting some action, I pulled away and continued watching the action.

After around half hour she stopped and her husband had her lean back against the car as he filmed her, talking to her. What a sight she was, standing there in the light from the camera, with fresh cum shining around her mouth, big globs of spunk on her lovely firm tits and quite a lot on her thighs, stockings and pubes where it had dropped from her mouth as she was squatting to suck cock. All in all she must have sucked around fifteen cocks, and looked absolutely gorgeous!!.

As this is a true story, there was no follow up to this, her hubby and her simply got back into the car and drove away leaving fifteen happy and totally fucked doggers!!.