Written by L and R

19 Feb 2004

the story i am about to relate is true,every word is true.we are a married couple,i L am 50 my wife R is 37.we have like most couples talked about various fantasies but never did anything about them.all this changed last year.one friday night totally out of the blue R said "i need more cock".to say that i was taken aback was putting it mildly.we talked all evening about her wanting more cock.that night we fucked like we had just met each other,it was fantastic.over the coming months we talked about nothing else.then one thursday morning in september as we were laying in bed she said that a friend she had met on a course in leeds at the beginning of the year was staying nearby at a training centre.straight away i reached into my bedside table draw and passed her a condom.are you serious she asked?yes i said and passed her a second one "fuck his brains out".the following days were a blur.on the saturday she went shopping.in the evening after the children had gone to bed she modeled some new black lacy pants.i almost shot my load there and then.we fucked 4 times in 12 hours.my cock was so sore but still getting hard every few minuets.

on the monday i got a call from her " he has texted me, we are meeting for a drink at 8 are you still ok with this,yes i said go on have his cock"

at 9.40pm she called"i am outside his room shall i go in,get in there and fuck him really hard i replied"

i heard nothing more untill 12.05.

"i am just leaving,i will be home in 15mins she said"

as she lay in the bath she told me about the evening.it was a disaster.they had stripped each other naked almost as soon as they got in the room.he sucked her tits and stroked and played with her pussy.in fact at the end of the evening he made her cum really hard by playing with her clit.she in turn rubbed and played with his cock.she gave him a tit wank,something he had not had before,but his cock only got half hard at best. she tried to wank him to a cum but still it did not get hard.

it was a huge let down and it made us feel pretty bad about the whole situation. that was in september and we had really not talked much about it since.

that was until last week when something happened totally ou of the blue. part2 to follow.

we would love to hear from people who have had this happen to them.and those who had more success.