Written by suzy slut

30 Sep 2006

iv been reading the stories on here about black guys .thought id tell you my experiences.i started seeing this blk guy hes younger than me

when were out at clubs he likes to show me off hell lift my skirt up so other guys can see my pussy,im shaved now he had me do that as soon as we started seeing each other.

things progressed from that to letting guys touch me until one night back at home with some of his mates he let them fuck me

now its a common occurance his mates may pop round even when hes out n demand i please them which i do .most weekends now they gang me.iv become his slut

i know that ,but its done now iv become used to there big blk cocks.and love the feeling of them stretching my pussywith there thick cock.

iv had abuse from nieghbours about it as they see these blk guys coming round all the time

but it doesnt stop the husbands from spying on me as my guy likes me to be naked around home at all times cleaning or just pleaseing him .even when his mates visit .

theyve had me do many thing now .i know this is short but if others are intrested i will write more.