Written by Martin

11 Jun 2005

The guilt I had been feeling since my first "session"with sister-in-law mandy had been tremendous,I didn't sleep very well that night,mostly because of the guilt,and partly because I had always though of Mandy as one sexy little bitch,but never thought she thought too much about me in that kind of way!!It was Friday,around mid-morning,and I had just shaved and showered,and was wearing briefs anbd dressing gown,and had just applied after shave,when the doorbell rang.I went downstairs and opened the front door."Morning!" Mandy said,looking me up and down,"I see you don't bother getting dressed anymore"? She giggled and brushed past me into the hall."I had just showered actually,and was getting dressed" I said as matter of factly as i could muster, and starting to feel a litle nervous!! I looked at her, she was wearing a white blouse,pink mini skirt,and what looked like cream tights.What a sight, i could feel the old cock stirring already! "Kettle boiled Mart"? she asked, "well,just switch it on and I'll make a coffee, I'll get dressed while its boiling" said I.

"Why bother"? she whisperd as she put her arms round my neck.."hmmm"?

"Now Mand...come on, we can't carry on like this,what if people get to hear,what if Anne,or,oh christ,your bloody mother finds out? You know what the witch is like! Shes evil even in a good mood"!!

"Mart,relax, no one will find out,I've waited years for this,just a bit of cock,thats all I've ever wanted",with that she kissed my mouth, but I pulled away."But why,I'm nothing special,and you know that,older than you, probably overweight,well definitly,Im no bleedin oil painting"!

"But you are speical,and I think you are a very sexy man"..

have you guys out there ever had your ego go through the roof, the confidence of Wayne Rooney go surging through your veins,and cocks?? Well that was me at that very moment.I returned her kiss,then slowly pulled away again."Thankyou",I whispered,"you don't know what that means to me" and went to kiss her again."Ah ah, tea and coffee first.." she whispered, "first? before what"?I asked,"before i take you upstairs and fuck your brains out",she smiled.I reached for the cups "oh and by the way"she was behind me now,"yeah"? "You smell gorgeous"and with that her moved to my crotch and gave my semi hard cock a squeeze,I nearly dropped the cups! Over tea and coffee she asked me many questions,mainly why I had gone 2 years without sex with her sister,I expalined that during my illness,the medication afected me wel,down there so to speak,and the only answer was viagra,ad she thought it was not "the real thing"and didn't want to know,but even after i didnt need it,she said thought of that little blue tablet put her off."Got any left"?Said Mandy,"Sure, but as you know,I dont need it anymore" "Did it keep you going longer"?she asked, all night I suppose,but mainly it stopped me falling out of bed!She laughed out loud."Dare ya to take one" she whispered.."but theres no need".."Dare ya"!

I finished my coffee and went upstairs,leaving Mandy in the kitchen.I took off my dressing gown and searched through my wardrobe.The little packet was there,inside were 3 blue pills,I went to the bathroom and got some water,and swallowed hard.The bitter taste was washed down with the water.I returned to the bedroom,and wow,she stood there,in a pink lacy bra,pink thong,and creamy holdups!"You like"?she asked,I gulped"Oh yeah".."mmmmmm like your knickers too",she smiled,I looked in the mirror,there was a bulge appearing rapidly in my pants.Mandy lay on the bed,and I got on beside her.I gently kissed her mouth,and she responded,my hand went to her waist.Her fingers slowly moved down to the bulge i my pants,"mmmmm" shsighed,"thats what I want".Her hand slipped inside and my mouth went dry,pushing the waist band of the briefs over my now pulsing cock,she let her thumb glide over the knob with was now exposed,thanks to my pre cum,I felt the forskin being lowered towards the base of my shaft,and her head started to kiss my neck,moving to my chest and stomach,I could feel her warm breath on the tip of my cock,Im sure it twicthed as her tongue licked at the end,I gasped as she lowered her mouth so gently,so softly over it,I murmerd,"turn round mandy,turn round now"...she shifted her thigh over my head and I loked up at the crotch of this bombshells thong, the smell was wo9nderful.I extended my tongue to it,and she shivered,"MMmmmmm yeah mart....do it"she whispered before sucking my cock back into her mouth,I could feel her tongue snaking around my cockendand then sliding her mouthback down the shaft again.I gently pulled her by now wet crotch of her thong to one side and lapped at the puffy lips of her pussy,she responded gently with a push towards me.My tongue moved round her inner thighs and back again to her juicy fanny.From the postion I was in, my tongue found her hole easily,and I dipped it as dep as i could, squirming around deep inside her .."Oh God that nice",,she said please dont stop..I ran my tongue all the way along her pussy and found her clit,it was hard and slippery,i took it in my mough and gently sucked, her hips suddenly bucked.."Please mart,make me cum"...I licked harder,and realised she had let my cock go,but was holding it in her hand and wanking it hard,harder harder i licked at her hole and clit,geting anice rythm going, she was meeting me very well now,and she started to moan, my cock was twicthing violently,as her fingers moved up and down,"C-c-cu with me my darling she said c-c-oh christ,her pussy crushed against me as I felt her tremble so hard,and she was cumming,I was drinking her cum down as fast as I could,and then I felt my balls tighten,"Oh yeah mand,catch this"Suddenly her mouth was back on my cock,wanking and sucking ands till she pushed hard against my mouth tongue and mouth,I was cumming,like a fountain erupting,she sucked and wanked me hard,I couldnt stop my hips rising and falling,and she was swallowing for all she was worth,at last, everything started to slow down,and she turned and kissed me and said "Thankyou,the best yet".."No mandy,,thankyou,the sexiest,horniest girl I have ever met".. she giggled and lay with her head on my chest,the afterglow consuming both of us, but I knew there would be more to cum!!If you like this,let me know!