Written by victor

27 Aug 2006

I posted the first part of my story just last friday but it has not shown up yet, I do feel better writing it out as helps me deal with this situation. Since I last wrote I have come to the conclusion that my wife who is white and very hot deserves to have her fantasy which is to get laid very passionantly by a muscular hard black man, well it has taken me about 7 years to realize that it is what she wants and needs so I will work to make it happen. I will find a handsome young black athletic type black man who is well endowed that will take care of her hot passion and if it works out maybe I can find a second gentleman to join in to give her another one of her fantasies. I think about this now when I am pounding her and it makes me so hot and passionant I can even last longer and do other things that we would not do before like anal sex. I think about having a weekend alone with her and inviting one black stallion to join us which would be a surprise at first but I would tell her it's ok as long as I could watch and then cum on her or have her swallow my cum as she enjoys that. I haver thought of so many ways she can have encounters with well hung black men.We live in California so it should be easy to find good looking black men who are willing to have a no strings satisfing affair with my hot wife who can make a man cum just by her appearance , she is really hot so I know I can't take care of her needs alone and I know she really loves me but she really craves big black muscles