Written by cuckold

31 May 2006

after years of fantasising about my wife sue fucking other men, and asking her if she would try it and further more let me,watch the other week my dream came true and she got a good sound fucking off an old friend of mine who has always fancied her, he fucked her first of all i found round the back of a friends garage at a barbecue, and then he took her home and fucked her sensless at our home, i watched this through the window and it was the most exciting thing ive ever experienced, sue absolutley loved the experiance and since then has come home several time full of my friends cum,and if shes in a good mood i get to have seconds, although i love this ,she recently told me she was a little bored of ron and wanted a change, this of course made me very excited from being a women who wasnt sure weather or not to try and fuck another guy she has become this horny slut who is always on the look out for nice looking cock,i run my own bussiness and have a client who is single having been married twice, who is quite a nice looking guy, who recently bought a house quite near to us hes single now, and he came to see me regarding bussiness we get on well and have often shared our stories about fucking , hes told me about some of the slappers hes screwed, and i very often tell about what me and sue get up to, in the bedroom or the kitchen or the landing if you know what i mean ,any how , i told him just the other day that sue fucks other men , he asked if i fuck other women i replied no, i love the fact that my wife gets screwed by other men, only men she decides she wants to screw by the way but i love it, i eventually said that he should come round for dinner, he accepted and i made it clear to him that my wife was his for the night if sue fancied him, i went home and told sue that i had arranged this, she was a bit unsure at first as she had not seen him, but i said ok if you dont fancy him we have the meal and leave it at that, friday night arrived and tony turned up i could see right away that sue thought he was ok , he was very well dressed and very clean just up sues street, i was cooking and serving the meal while they chatted,they got on great sue was wearing a little black number that showed off her lovely tits and she had no bra on her nipples were rock hard, i could also see she had no nickers on and so could tony, sue was all over him touching and flirting, with him sue has a habit of stroking the neck of a wine bottle as if it were a cock as she talks to you, i find this so horny, and so did tony, i was beginning to feel like a goose berry, so iwent up stairs for a while when i came down they were both in the front room sue was lay on the settee with her dress round her neck and her legs wide apart with tony stuck right up her to the balls fucking like mad, sue was loving it i stood at the door watching tonys cock was huge about eight nine inches with alarge bell end and really thick ,i was hard as a rock but i knew i couldnt comete with a cock that size ,sue called me over and told me to sit on the setee, she got tony to get behind and as he fucked her from behind, she started to wank me and at the same time mock me saying stuff like its nice to get fucked by a real man with a real big cock , i know its crazy but i love it when she does this, tony was pounding her i was ready to shoot my load but sue made me stop and then said that she would only allow me to come and continue to watch , if i paid for a weekend away, for her and tony next week, they had obviously arranged this while i was upstairs i was at the point of no return and of course agreed to this sue smiled and began to wank me as i came tony shot his load inside sue as she climaxed also, sue stood up and tonys cum was dripping down her leg onto her high heels this made me instantly hard again i begged sue to let me go up her while she was still full of cum she said ok but hurry up she sat on the setee spread her legs and i kneeled down on the floor and started to fuck her whilst i was doing this she was snogging the face off tony and stroking his cock to get him hard i shot my load but i dont think sue even noticed she was more intrested in getting that large cock inside her again after that they both went upstairs i was ordred to sleep on the setee, and had to listen to sue get fucked allnight by tony i love it but it also hurts a little, but now she is fucking other men i dont want her to stop, so she knows she has got me over a barrell ive booked a room for them next week , and ive got to drop them off on friday and pick them up on sunday, this could turn out to be a exciting but expensive hobby.