Written by Graham

15 Nov 2005

This happened about 6 weeks back. I was clearing out the loft and found some old pictures my wife Julie had got from her mums house ages ago. I decided to loom through a few and found some of her when she was in Australia. As i look throu them I found these photos of her in her blue bikini and then some rather naughty nude pictures of her posing on a secluded beach. Then a few of her running into the sea with a couple of naked guys.

Julie is 40 now a petite brunette 5'4 nice slim figure still, 32b cup titties with nice pink nipples. She has auburn trimmed pubic hair shaped into a nice V.

After finding the photos I decided to ask her what they were all about...she was very embarassed I had found them. Anyway she started to explain what happened that weekend.

She said while on a trip around the barrier reef she got friendly with the guy who ran the tours. After dropping off all the holiday makers she decided to stay on the boat an extra couple of days to catch some more sun.

The boat was run by three fit Australian guys.....so she was on this boat with three of them.

After a lot of drink they stopped off at this secluded beach and they said they were going to go skinny dipping so all stripped naked.

The one guy had a camera and asked Julie to do some erotic poses. She said the thought of being naked with these three guys had got her all excited and really damp and she basically agreed.

After they had run into the sea they all got back onto the boat...I quizzed her more says surley more happened...and to my suprise she said yes.

When they got back into the boat they all had a shower the guys were rubbing soap all over her body feeling her tits slipping hands between her legs fingering her pussy. She said all the guys were up for it with massive hard ons.

They then moved into the bedroom of the boat were a mass orgy started. She was sucking two cocks while being fucked...they all took turns fucking her....no condoms were used. All three guys shot their cum into her pussy and she said she swallowed lots of cum it lasted all afternoon.

I was shocked...she then said had threw away all the other photos...I said which ones...the ones of me having sex with 3 guys.

What a horny slut.