Written by guybod

3 Apr 2006

Thanks for the great response for the first story, and many of you have asked what happened next.

As soon as Chris had finished his mom and dad arrived back early so he had to dash off. I pulled her into the bedroom and lay her down on the bed. Looking at her battered pussy oozing with a large amount of cum from both Chris and I. I had never thought about what I did next, but it seemed so natural. I immediately stuck my tongue as far as it would go up her pussy and lapped up the thick sticky fluid. I was hooked! She was gasping and moaning and soon (for me!) my cock sprang back into life and I soon dumped another load into her poor pussy while passing some of the mixture of pussy juice and cum into my wife’s mouth.

The next day I went for a shower and Chris was already in the washroom. He looked really embarrassed until I explained we loved it and that I enjoyed the taste of his spunk dribbling out of my wife’s pussy and when can we do it again! I looked down and his shorts had started to bulge! I had never thought that I would have a bi side, but I really wanted to touch that cock I asked if he was going to be around later, but he said that he would be out with his mom and dad all day. I was really disappointed until he said that they would be gone all day tomorrow!

As my wife’s pussy was sore we decided that we’d do nothing and both wait for Chris the next day.

I thought the next day would never come round and walked around with an erection all the time, but finally at 9.30am the next morning I heard their car drive off and heard Chris shout out if he could come in. My wife had gone for a shower and so I let him in and started chatting. He was wearing very tight speedos and his cock and balls looked huge. As I looked I could see his cock starting to swell and he looked embarrassed until I said that I’d love to see his cock. He asked if I was bi and I said I hadn’t had a thought about another guy’s cock until I saw his! He said he felt the same and as he dropped his trunks his cock jumped out, rapidly getting erect. I said I’d love to watch him wank, so he lay down on the bed and started to stroke his foreskin up and down. My cock was bursting by now, so I quickly got undressed and sat in the chair facing him slowly wanking myself just as my wife returned.

Her eyes nearly burst out of her head as she saw the site in front of her. She was wearing a swimsuit and a sarong, and both of them were removed really quickly! She lay next to Chris on the bed and took over wanking his enormous cock. Slowly, very slowly, pulling his foreskin right back and then covering his cockhead with it before repeating the action. Chris was moaning as she gently squeezed his big balls with the other hand and looking right at me! I told her to get on top again as I wanted to watch her being fucked by that big cock.

She swung her legs over and grabbed the base of his cock and rubbed it against the entrance to her pussy before slowly lowering herself down. Again Chris’ cock disappeared inside as she started fucking him. I pulled her buttocks apart again and watched as Chris’ huge cock stretched my wife open and got more and more sticky with her juices. Her arsehole was pouting with each in stroke, so I started licking around it and sticking my tongue as far as I could into it. Then I again did something that I’d never done before and started licking Chris’ balls and cock as it appeared out of my wife’s pussy.

My wife couldn’t believe it and said I never thought you were bi, and I replied I never thought I was until I saw this cock. She asked if she could watch while I licked it and so turned round in a 69. We both shared Chris’ cock, which was one of THE horniest things I’ve ever done! I licked his balls while my wife tried to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, then it was my turn. I grabbed his cock and marvelled at the feeling as I felt the blood surging through it, then I licked its length and opened my mouth wide to get it in. It tasted fantastic, a mix of saltiness and my wife’s pussy. She moved round so Chris could watch us both licking and sucking his cock

I then knelt up and rubbed my bursting cock against Chris’. My wife grabbed both them and wanked them cock-to-cock. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, and so did the other two by the moans and gasps coming out of them. Suddenly Chris cried out and loads of thick cum erupted out of his cock. It must have shot 2 feet in the air. The feeling of his pulsing cock next to mine finished me off and surprisingly for me an awful lot of cum came pouring out (I haven’t been a big shooter since my mid 20s). This also made my wife cum as she’d been wanking herself furiously with the other hand (again something she just didn’t do before!). She licked and slurped up the huge amount of cum and them kissed me passing over a mouthful to me.

Chris was wanking his cock watching as it had remained hard…I’d forgotten what it was like to be a teenager! My wife straddled him again and impaled herself on his cock. As it reached the top she orgasmed again which made her big buttocks wobble.

I spread her pussy juices, which were pouring out of her, around her arse and between her buttocks. She was gasping and moaning by now, as I slipped one then two fingers into her arsehole. This caused my cock to stir again as it was one of the horniest sites you could ever imagine. I rubbed my cock between her bum cheeks and against her arsehole. She said nothing and in fact started gasping and moaning louder as she came again. I had only tried fucking her up the bum once, but she hadn’t liked it, but I thought now might be the time to try again. I positioned my cock against her bumhole and gently pushed it in. My cock is about 6” long, but is quite thick so it took quite a bit of gently pushing in and out until it completely disappeared up to my balls in her arse!

Up until then, the feelings I’d been getting and the new things I’d experienced were nothing compared to DP’ing my wife with a cock like Chris’. She was screaming by now, and I thought the whole campsite would hear. The feeling of tightness of her arse while rubbing against Chris’ cock was unbelievable. Suddenly Chris cried out loud and I could feel his cock erupt deep into my wife again which caused me to have THE most intense orgasm of my entire life. I came and came (didn’t know guys could cum like that until then) for what seemed like ages before I exploded, and I mean exploded into my wife’s arse. She basically orgasmed from the minute she felt Chris cum to when my cock finally slipped out of her arse. She rolled off Chris and lay there with her legs apart with cum dribbling out of her pussy and arse. I immediately started lapping it up while Chris knelt by her head and rubbed his cum covered cock all over her face. She had another massive orgasm and said she could take no more for awhile. I realised barely half an hour had gone since Chris’ parents had left!

What could happen later!?