Written by JackShropshire

26 Oct 2006

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In 2004 I’d been submission wrestling guys for about 2 years. I am a pretty fit guy who runs, dances and exercises. In the course of exploring the internet I had met a woman who worked for the local goverment called Sue, we’d it hit off messaging and emailing each other, she was married to Mark ( I have changed their names as they are very discrete ) the following tale is absolutely true……..

My first meeting with Sue and Mark occurred ( by mutual arrangement without Marks knowledge ) at a bar in Birmingham UK – it’s well known place on Broad Street and Sue was easily recognisable – she was in her mid to late forties, short blonde hair, slim and obviously exercised. I “accidentally” bumped to them and introduced myself as an engineer who’d become marooned in Birmingham by circumstance – Mark easily accepted this story and soon I was chatting to Sue and Mark exchanging stories and gradually becoming more comfortable in their presence.

Just as Sue had told me on the internet, Mark was taller and better built than me, however Mark lacked “machismo” and Sue had clearly adapted to this short fall in an unusual way.

The three of us made small talk and I steered the conversion to a more adult direction – Sue clearly didn’t need much help as she’d done before with other guys. After a couple of glasses of wine I found it easy to invite Sue and Mark back for a coffee at my hotel room. It wasn’t much a hotel, the rooms were clean and fairly large – this hotel was central to Birmingham and easily offered the best venue for a wrestle. This was the first time I had ever wrestled with a woman watching and I was well horned for it.

When we got into reception Sue suggested we have a drink at the bar, it became apparent that Sue wanted some time alone with me in the room and Mark to walk in on us fucking ….. the drink was simply a ploy to separate us guys and indulge her passion, the humilation of her husband……………. Mark was about to get it in spades.

With us sharing a drink Sue initiated things by telling Mark to meet us in my room – she was leading things and Mark meekly accepted it –Sue gave me a look and I didn’t need telling twice. We strolled past reception and into the lift which was empty, that’s where things started with touching, kissing and my hands slipping under her skirt, we both need a good fuck and it seemed natural the only question was who needed it the most.

I unlocked the door and like most passionate couples we more fell into the room than entered it, I pinned her against the wall and was soon fingering her pussy I could feel she had holdups on and her tits easily fell out of her black bra. Sue was on fire and she soon had my cock out and then the fucking started slamming Sue against the wall, over the writing desk and then on the bed – that’s when Mark arrived, I’d left the door on the latch, he sneaked in and sat himself in the corner watching Sue and I, whilst he wanked himself off.

Pretty soon after establishing contact with Sue on the internet oh…… and fucking her in the back of my car I’d forgot to say I had tasted her delights previously …………..I had mentioned my interest in submission wrestling. She loved the idea of watching two guys fighting for her, Sue was on fire for it for watching the competition and Mark had no idea ! until he was told by Sue!

Mark was happily wanking himself off watching me screw Sue, I made eye contact with Sue and she knew this was the prompt for what was to happen next –Sue was to taunt Mark into fighting me.

Sue called to Mark “Mark look at what he’s doing to me ! I continued to slip my thick cock into Sue whilst Mark wondered what was going on. Sue produced a Oscar winning performance of a wife being screwed and being unable to take any more punishment – reaching out with her arm towards Mark. Mark remained in his seat however he had stopped wanking and was leaning forward wondering what was going on – I was keeping a careful eye on him – the wrestling was about to start. Mark clearly felt uncomfortable about interrupting a man fucking his wifes pussy and still remained in his chair.

Sue had had enough and she told Mark to fight for her I was laying on my side between her legs looking at Mark with my cock head just inside Sue slowly slipping it into her – I saw Mark hesitantly get to his feet and I pulled out of Sue to face my opponent at last !

Mark was about 6’2” 200lb against my 6’ 185, I am a slim fit strong 46 yo and had about 30 competitive matches till then, mostly wins. Mark was stocky, didn’t carry any excessive weight – hairy chest – outwardly a pretty macho guy but you could tell he had no balls for it and Sue had enjoyed making him the cuckold.

Mark stood to face me and I slid off the bed I’d been looking forward to this and Sue substituted my cock with her fingers and lay back to watch the match. My opening move was conventional but Mark never expected it – My headlock is strong, although slim opponents tell me I am strong. Mark was easily taken down into a hunched position and I cranked on the pressure and pulled him to the floor , Sue rolled over to the edge of the bed to look down on us. I got Mark into an arm bar, Sue moaned for Mark to “fight him fight him” but Mark wasn’t going anywhere in fact his first submission was going to be right in front of Sue – I had Marks arm stretched straight and I stood over Mark his head bowed – I watched as Sue lay back and sank her fingers into herself whilst looking straight at me standing over her husband – I pulled back on Marks arm slowly – lay off the pressure watching Sues face as she heard Marks moans – She shuddered a little and I felt it time to get the full blown submission from him – it was easy, Mark submitted quickly to the arm bar and Sue looked like the breath had been taken out of her body.

I stepped away from Mark and he stayed on the floor holding his arm – clearly a new level of humilation for him. Sue started on him again to fight for her – this time Mark caught me off balance – the room wasn’t that big and he pushed me backwards onto the bed Sue pulled her legs up, I noticed she’d gone quiet as Mark for a moment took the dominant position ! – Mark was on top of me and I felt his weight fortunately he didn’t know what to do – I arched and Mark being a tall 6'2 overbalanced, we both slipped of the other side of the bed I managed to twist so that Mark fell beneath me and Mark found himself in a schoolboy pin – with me nude and on top of him. Sue jumped forward to watch the action at the foot of the bed and I gave Mark a gentle slap across the face and ground my balls and cock into his face. Sue tried to encourage Mark, he was finished but the best move was about to come ……………..and not from me.

I was now getting off on humiliating Mark, I rolled my cock across and grind my balls into his face I was kneeling and straddling Marks chest. Sue climbed off the bed and walked over to us as I pinned Mark – my cock was still erect….. the fight wasn’t that intense. Sue was facing me – she stood astride Marks face and lowered down onto my cock – I am pretty well hung and thick, her pussy easily slipped over my cock taking my full length – Mark was getting the view of a lifetime – his opponents cock deep inside his wife just inches above his face – a bareback ride as well for added enjoyment and my dripping cum !

Mark took it and never resisted after that –Sue and I finished him completely by me rolling Mark into a folding pin trapping his feet behind his head –Sue reached between us and wanked Mark until he let go of his load over his chest and face.

After that Sue told Mark to go home and leave us alone to finish off – she just loved humiliating her husband.

Mark dressed and reluctantly left Sue and I to it – we finished fucking about 3 hours later in the early morning, she dressed and I being a gentleman escorted her to the deserted Broad Street, hailed and paid for her taxi home. Sue later told me that when she arrived home she would make Mark eat out her pussy and that she appreciated being escorted to safely find a taxi – more meets were to follow with Sue– just goes to show that it pays to be a gentleman in the 21st centenary

Jack – Birmingham UK