10 Jul 2019

My best friend at school and I would often see each other during summer holidays and would sometimes sleep on his father’s boat on the river at the bottom of their garden. We weren’t gay, just familiar enough to have few inhibitions, and we would wake up, always in separate beds, one would announce they were feeling horny and we’d often wank, seeing who could get hard first, or cum first, but sadly we never progressed to touching each other.

It wasn’t until I met a couple from here, in SH, that I first had the pleasure of a guy cumming in my mouth.

We were at their place, waiting for his wife to get home from work. They had asked me to come and take her out for a drive in the hope we’d find somewhere quiet, I would fuck her in the open air, and then deliver her home with her pussy full of my cum so that he could have her as soon as she returned.

While we waited we decided to review a film he’d made of me with his wife a few weeks earlier. We watched as I fucked her, our cocks hardening, and he pulled his out and started to stroke it, and I followed suit. When he was getting hard I asked if he’d like some help with that, and he stood up as I knelt and took his cock in to my mouth. I know from my own experience what I like, and how a good blowjob differs from an average one, and turned my attention to ensuring he got the best feeling I could imagine. Until, out of the blue, he announced he was there, and came hard.

I’m not gay, but I like the sexual intimacy of feeling a hard cock, the feel of the familiar separated from the sensation of one’s own touch. And the triumph of excitement as it hardens, twitches and explodes it’s wet seed into the back of my throat.

Shortly after we’d finished his wife arrived home, quickly got changed and freshened up and we departed, leaving him to his own fantasies while we went to the woods and fucked. I dropped her home, as agreed and that was my job done for that day. They carried on with their fantasy alone.

I too like the sensation of sliding my cock in to a woman’s pussy which has previously been filled with another man’s cum, but that can wait for another story.

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