Written by John & Sue

8 Jul 2004

This time it's me, Sue, who's writing the story. John couldn't do it as he had no idea of what happened until I arrived home from work and told him about it and boy, did it turn him on.

I work in South Wales, for a large organization and am resposible for logistics. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had lunch with three of my friends (female) from work at a pub just outside Newport. We shared two bottles of wine with a light meal then returned to work. I was in my office and thinking of some of the past encounters that John and I had and began to feel an urge between my legs. I knew my cunt was starting to get wet and I longed to touch it but I'm at work. I couldn't hold out. I put the "Do not Disturb" sign on the office door, returned to my desk, lifted my skirt and pulled my tights and panties down to my anckles. My bare arse was on my cool leather chair and it felt so good. I slowly began to finger myself. Gently to start. Just enough to help ease the throbing in my cunt. Gosh it felt good. It was perhaps more exciting because I was doing it at work with my staff on the other side of the door. I took my small vibrator from my hand bag and pushed it gently into my wet cunt. Turned it on and let the pleasure engulf me. I lay back in my chair, closed my eyes and concentrated on cuming. The phone rang. My area manager, Mrs Palmer, aged 53 and married, is in the building and wants to see me. Not only was she in the building she was about to come into my office. The door opened and in she came. The "Do not Disturb" sign ment nothing to her. I'm sat at my desk. Vibrator up me, panties and tights around my ankles and my skirt up around my arse. She can't see my situation (I hope). I can't get up but ask her to sit down while I pretend to finish off some work. She closes the door, sits down, smiles and tells me to relax as it's an informal visit. "Please don't let me interupt you" she said. "Finish off what you were doing". How the hell can I. I shuffle some papers around. She's still smiling. "Please relax Sue" she said. "I really mean finish off what you were doing". Had she seen me? I asked her to explain. Continuing to smile she bluntly said " You were pleasuring yourself and I'm sorry I interruped you". "Please carry on and if you don't mind I'd like to watch". She stood up. Came around to my side of the desk and saw my situation. "Carry on Sue" she said. I was too far gone to argue. She cupped my breats in both her hands and watched me bring myself to orgasm. God what a relief to cum. She smiled as the cunt juice ran down my legs. She then told me to watch her. She lifted her dress, removed her panties and proceeded to give herself a really vigorus finger fuck. I couldn't help myself. I had to feel her cunt. While she rubed her clit I inserted my fingers into her soaking wet cunt. God this is my boss I'm finger fucking and it's wonderful. She exploded in one hugh climax. I'd never seen a woman squirt so much cunt juice before. It was if she'd pissed herself and it all went over the office carpet. She sat down completly exhausted.

"Thank you Sue" she said. "I've been hoping for that for years". "You only had to ask" I thought. We tidied ourselves up, had a coffee, chatted and then she left.

Would my position ever be the same again?

I told John when I arrived home.

He fucked me too.