Written by John & Sue

11 Jul 2004

I knew it would happen. Mrs Palmer 'phoned yesterday morning and invited John and me to her house for dinner last night (Sat). If you read my story last Thursday you'd remember that she and I had sex in my office on Wednesday. She's my boss, aged 53 and nice looking. John knew what had happened between us and it turned him on but I honestly did not expect the invite. John was happy to go so I accepted for us. Mrs Palmer (June) and her husband live in St. Mellons near Cardiff. She said a few other people would be there and to arrive about 7:30pm. I guessed it would be an occassion for my long evening dress while John was quite happy to wear a suit. Beneath my pale blue dress I wore a white thong, lacy see through bra and nothing else. I wore high heeled shoes. We honestly had no idea what to expect but a the same time we were a little aprehensive about the whole evening ahead of us.

We arrived at the appointed hour. June and her husband, Roy, greeted us and introduced us to the other guests. There were six couples present all in the forty to sixty age group. We soon integrated with the others and after a few drinks felt quite at home with everyone. At about 8:15 June announced that she had employed a maid for the evening and that we were now going to get orderves prior to dinner. She rang the bell for the maid to serve us. She entered. Everyone stopped talking and looked at her. She was stunning. She carried the try of "goodies" but was dressed in nothing more than a maids hat, black stockings and high heeded black shoes. Her tits and cunt were visable for all to see. Two of the women clapped and congratulated June on her "special" suprise. Two of the men, plus John, had an obvious erection while I must admit to feeling a little moist myself. She served us. As she offered the tray all the men felt either her tits or cunt while two of the women ran their fingers over her clit. She offered me an orderve. God knows what I had but I too gave into my lust and put one finger into her while John cupped both her breasts in his hands. She finised serving and left the room. "Strewth Sue" said John "Whats the main course going to be"?

We entered the dining room and sat at our named places. June had ensured we did not sit next to our partners and we sat alternately ie. man, woman, man. To my left was Terry and to my right Glyn. The maid brought the soup. She dutifully served each of us but was felt each time she served a guest. June, being the hostess, performed the highlight of the first course. When the maid returned to collect the soup bowls June stood up, lifted her evening dress, displayed her cunt and told the maid to give her oral right there. The maid did as instructed. It was a sight to behold. June standing at the dining table being licked out and her husband watching in lustful admiration. I felt a hand on my thigh. Terry was clearly aroused as indeed was I. His hand moved to the top of my leg and he pressed my cunt through my dress. I looked at John across the table. He smiled as if to say "Go with it Sue". I removed Terry's hand, stood up and hoisted my dress above my waist and sat down again. The other women, except one, did likewise. The maid returned with the fish course. Terry's hand was on my clit and I didn't care what was served. June stood up, removed her dress, walked to her husband and took his rock hard cock from the restraints of his trousers. She then instructed the maid to serve him then sit on his cock for a short fuck. She did as instructed. Terry now had two fingers up me and I was holding his cock outside his trousers. I couldn't hold out any longer. I told him to get his prick out, stay seated, and I mounted him doggie fashion there at the dining table for all to see. He slid into my wet pussy with ease and the feeling of relief was wonderful. The rest of the evening continued in the same viene and my cunt was filled by three lots of cum. We never actually finished dinner but by midnight I honestly believe all the guests were very satisfied.

Oh yes. The woman who didn't remove her dress was a transvestite brought in by June to satisfy all tastes and needs. What a perfect hostess. I think our working relationship has changed too.