Written by Sue

18 Sep 2005

My husband, John, and I had planned a romantic, 3 day, trip to London to celebrate his birthday on 15th Sept. As I packed my bag, I carefully selected the most seductive clothes I owned to make the break special for him. Before leaving home we stoped by the local store and picked up an erotic magazine for the 3hour drive.

We were about an hour outside of town when I pulled my skirt up to review his first birthday gift, my clean shaved pussy. Soft as can be and ready for the lick test. I pulled out our magazine and begin to read a few erotic letters while playing with myself. John helped me out by finger fucking me. With every lorry we passed we received a honk of approval. Before I knew it I was cuming and John's cock was rock hard and the weekend hadn't even started. We quickly pulled over at the next service station as John's cock was roch hard. He reclined the seat and unzipped his trousers. His cock was harder than I've ever seen it with the veins begging to be sucked. I wasted no time and begin to deep throat his huge member. My saliva and his precum trickling down his balls added to his excitement and soon he shot his huge load into my mouth.

Now with that quick detour completed, we continue our journey to London. We checked into our beautiful hotel and got ready for a wild night. John had always wanted to take me to a strip club, so I agreed. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the excitement in his eyes made me eager to please him.

We arrived at the club and to my surprise it was very classy. I received a lot of looks when we walked in, but I'm not sure if it's from the tight leather outfit I was wearing or the fact I was the only female in the club. Either way, I felt incredibly sexy by John's side. He led me to a booth and we ordered a bottle of champagne. Soon the music began and the dancers strutted their stuff making eye contact with us. I knew by the look in John's eyes and the bulge in his pants that he was in heaven. Somewhere about my 3rd glass of champagne I was feeling very comfortable and adventurous. I began to discreetly stroke his huge cock, which was outlined in his jeans with no underwear. Soon I had unzipped his pants and openly began to stroke him. I didn't even realize that the faster I stoked him, the wider my legs spread giving the table full of young military guys a full view of my bare pussy. I didn't care who saw me, I just knew I was hot and wet.

A pretty stripper approached our table that caught John's eye. She was about 5'5", long brown hair, quite large breast and a fantastic body. She offered us a private lap dance. After a quick glance of approval, I agreed and whispered "Happy Birthday".

We left our booth and entered the back room where we sat on a long red leather couch. The room was secluded, but accessible to anyone who wanted to enter which added to the excitement. Our stripper, Jasmine, began to undress when the music began. She bent over to revel her beautiful ass to John as she removed her g-string. Jasmine began to straddle his cock swaying slowly over the ever-growing mound. The sight of my john's arousal was amazing. Jasmine then reached over and began to fondle my breast as she unzipped John's jeans to stoke his cock. The jeans quickly fell to the floor and her stokes increased and the anticipation of shooting his load grew.

While watching John's pleasure I began to play with my clit in small slow circles occasionally inserting two fingers into my pussy. Jasmine pulled me from the couch and pulled my skirt up to my waist revealing my pussy to her and John. I was so wet with excitement I could feel the dampness stream down my legs. She directed my dripping pussy over John's hard cock and instructed me to spread my wet lips apart and take his whole cock to which I happily agreed. Soon I was grinding and pumping John's cock so hard I was unaware that Jasmine was still in the room, but by the look on John's face I knew she was still there. Unbeknown to me, she was sucking his balls and asshole while I road his stiff cock.

She continued licking up my juices and John's precum from his balls for what seemed like hours. John was speechless. Within moments of watching this erotic scene, I was shaking with pleasure and John's body went limp with ecstasy. The music ended and Jasmine gave us a quick kiss and her card for our next visit to London.

We got dressed and returned to our hotel room and experienced the best sex of our lives. I know this was a memorable birthday that John (and I) will not soon forget.