Written by Sue

22 Sep 2005

As John's working away for a few days I thought I'd tell you how I satisfy myself ie. my masturbation habits. About 2 months ago I went into the local adult toy store and bought myself a vibrator with a tip on the end to stimulate my clit. It's about 8 inches long and feels soft. I also bought a dildo that's about six inches long to fuck my ass with. I went into the bath shop and bought myself some scented oil for a masturbation session when I'm home alone.

Last night I decdided to take a long, hot shower. While I was in the shower I played with my tits, squeezing them and pulling hard on my nipples. This made my pussy wet. Then I slid a finger into my pussy, fucking myself with one finger until I needed to feel two. When I was getting good and hot I slid a finger in my ass. Picture me standing in the shower, two fingers buried in my twat, fucking myself while I have a finger up my ass going in and out. When I cum, I cum with a shudder. It felt so good.

After my shower, I dried myself off and then applied the scented oil to my still warm skin. I started with my arms, and then my legs. Gradually and leisurely I rubbed the oil all over my body. When I got to my tits, I made sure to spend extra time there, rubbing and squeezing. When my nipples were very hard, I rubbed the oil on my belly and then rubbed the oil in until it was just above my trimmed hair line. I was very horny by this time and my pussy was drenched. I took out my 8 inch vibrator and sucked on it like it was a cock. I sucked that damn thing like it was going to spurt in my mouth at any second. Then I turned the vibrator on low and teased my clit with it. God, it felt so good. I alternated teasing my clit and placing the tip of the vibrator on my nipples so I could feel the vibrations to my bones, making me moan loudly with pleasure.

My pussy was so hot and wet, I took the 6 inch vibrator and stuck it in my pussy. I wanted to get it good and lubed up so I could put it in my ass. I slowly started to tease my asshole with it, gradually sticking in a little at a time, until it was buried to the hilt, then I turned it on.

I then took the 8 inch vibrator and started to slowly fuck my pussy with it. I felt the vibrations deep inside of my cunt and I was gushing with pussy juice. It felt so damn good!

I was so caught up in myself, I didn't hear the knock on the front door. I didn't even hear it when the door opened and closed. The next thing I heard was, "Aren't you ready yet? We're going to be late?"

My friend, Linda, walked through my bedroom door and looked at me laying there, all oiled up with a vibrator in my pussy and another one close by. She said, "Looks like you're having fun? Can I help?" I nodded in agreement, slightly embarrassed that she'd caught me pleasuring myself but so turned on, I couldn't say no.

She leaned down and kissed me deeply.I am so hot, I took her hand and placed it on my tit. She grabed it, squeezed it and pulled on my nipple which was already standing straight up and hard. I started to fuck myself with the 6 inch vibrator and she took it out of my hand and started to fuck my pussy with it herself. I told her that's the one I was getting ready to stick in my ass. Telling me how hot she thinks that is, she slowly inserts it in my waiting asshole. She licked my pussy and nibbled on my clit until it was so hard, just like a little cock. She grabed the other vibrator, turned it on and stuck it in my pussy. She was fucking my ass and my pussy with my vibrators! I was so hot, I gushed cum all over the vibrator in my pussy and my ass is clenching down on the one there. I screamed, the feelings were so intense and so wonderful.

I told her she needed to pull the vibrators out because I couldn't take anymore.

"I can't believe you forgot we had dinner reservations at 7:00!" she said.

I didn't forget...or did I?