Written by Ilovetofuck

30 Oct 2013

A long time ago in a place called the 1970's was a family of 4 boys and 4 girls. The parents didn't care for their children so that's why we had a home help.Her name was Vera 38 year old size 10 average looks , me, at the time had just turned 18.This is a true account of what happened all those years ago, lucky me. Vera had a daughter 19 called Anne,size 10 average looks just like her mum.One day it had come to the attention of the authorities that there wouldn't be an adult in the house for the evening, enter Anne, she would look after the little ones.After the little ones was put to bed the banter between me and Anne went up a level the tension was charged with sexuality, I said to my brother 'I'm gonna fuck that tonight', 'nice, tell me all about' he said. Bedtime came I knocked on her door and opened it.'I've been waiting'. I came alonsideg the bed and gave her a full open mouth kiss held the back of her head and pulled her to me. we broke off for a second and I slipped in beside her. My hand went straight to her boobs, full, firm,round , she didn't need a bra, her nips rubbery and swollen and sensitive, sucking on those nips she absolutely loved it. She was slowly wanking my cock and she felt fantastic. Reaching down for her pussy slipping one finger in then two, Anne was absolutely sodden with juices, moaning with pleasure she was loving it and I was loving it even more.We re-positioned ourselves so we could fuck, I entered her sopping pussy easily and we started to fuck , it didn't take long for two teenagers to reach a good cruising speed for fucking.She was saying something between gritted teeth face distorted nails digging in to my back all of a sudden she started convulsing, violently aching her back, she was cumming for all she was worth her pussy tightened and I couldn't hold back I plunged into her as hard as I could and held her there until spurt after spurt of hot spunk flooded her pussy her legs wrapped around my back , I was going nowhere.

We lay there content and satisfied and quite proud of our after glow. This lead to an intense relationship based solely on sex, we both loved it.

I had sex with girlfriends before Anne but nothing was so wild. As with a lot of relationships , life gets in the way and it fizzled out, I do see her occasionally, she gives me a smile, I think we both know what each other is thinking. Of course I told my brother everything and we have shared women and chatted about women over the years.

Luckily for me this story hasn't finished here.There are two more parts.