Written by V

16 Apr 2017

I had previously written about how my boyfriend and I are moving fast with sexual experiences. After lots of playing he had arranged paid escorts for me and the most I had was the two studs plus my boyfriend making it three men taking care of me. The three of them managed to keep me very happy for a very long time with an orgasm almost every 5-10 minutes so I wasn't sure I needed more.

One weekend when we were fucking and he came after about 30 minutes and he found me rubbing myself and his cock for more ... He asked if I wanted another threesome sometime. I was up for it but I asked him what the difference is between a threesome and a gangbang. We kind of decided to leave it at three and try more if the opportunity comes.

A few days later we got online while in bed and started browsing ads for single men and sent a half dozen or more messages and we got 5 replies. All of the guys were around 20 and very fit. We then got some cock picks and they were all very impressive!

First we set up to meet one of them and organised to go over to his for a fuck, that was fun but I got bored after my boyfriend had finished his load in me.

So we decided that well organise a weekend with a few more. We booked a room and messaged 4 guys to come meet us thinking that they all won't turn up but they did.

The bar was really awkward with 5 guys and me on my own. Had to leave the bar soon and nervously waited in my lingerie till they came up and opened up the pants for me. I wasn't able to handle 5 at a time so it was two or three watching while to or three were seeing to me. It was a great and tiring night. One would finish and the others would be ready again. My pussy and lips were aching for days after all the fucking.

My boyfriend was the only one fucking me without a condom and he finished inside me and the rest I gave blowjobs to till they finally finished.

It was 6am by the time I slept!