Written by Phil H 55

4 Mar 2019

I’m Phil, I’m 55 and married to Nicola who’s 45. I retired a little while ago and live with my wife in a very nice apartment in an old Victorian manor house, the relevance of this will become apparent.

My wife and I are the youngest people living in the building, the next age up to us are Joan and Arthur, Joan is 60 and Arthur is 71 and he is a classic ‘dirty old man’.

My wife and I have only ever ‘swapped’ once before when we were on holiday two years ago. We met a German couple, both our age and good looking. One thing led to another and my wife being the adventurous type first hinted then told me all about the difference between making love to someone you love and just fucking for fun. In the end my German friend and I spent several hours most days fucking are respective wives. It was hot and dirty and great fun.

However, even though my wife told me he enjoyed it she admitted to a huge fetish of hers, which was to have an older man, and by older she meant at least 20 years older, take her to bed and do whatever he could to her. We had a laugh about it and that was that.

Then we moved to our new home and met other living there. Most men took a shine to Nicola and I don’t; blame them. She extremely attractive, slim and very easy to get on with. Arthur however really took a shine to her and I made the huge mistake of letting my guard down and telling him about her fetish which was clearly the wrong thing to do. He even asked me to let Nicola know that he was ready and able, which he repeated regular, even adding that his wife Joan would be happy to help out. Now Joan is ok. She’s 60 but looks younger but is no looker, could do with losing a stone or two and has enormous tits which you may say is a bonus but, well let’s just say she’ not my type.

I told Nicola about my mistake and after she gave me a bollocking for telling him about her fetish found it funny, then interesting then ‘really interesting’!

Initially we agreed that it wasn’t a good idea to do anything so close to home but Joan and Arthur kept inviting themselves round for coffee and so on until in the end Nicola and I suggested winding them up, having some fun and the dirty old mans expense.

Nicola would wear a tight blouse and no bra which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Later Arthur would go on about how wonderful Nicola’s pert breast were. And then how his wife would be happy for me to ‘play’ with her (in his words) ‘ample breasts’. I couldn’t resist and asked him what he wanted to do with my wife and fuck did he go into detail. He told me how he gets hard thinking of her and how he wants to drag her to the bedroom, lay her on her back and bury his shaft deep inside her and ‘fuck her until she cums on my cock’. Which, if you knew Arthur was quite shocking because he comes over as a quiet gentleman. So I said, would Joan be up for me fucking her until she comes on my cock, his reply was ‘oh no, you can fuck her ample breasts but she won’t let you inside her and I won’t either’. ‘So you can fuck my wife but I can’t fuck yours’ (not that I wanted to) I asked. ‘Those are the rules young man’ and off he went.

I couldn’t wait to tell Nicola who thought it was hilarious and was actually turned on at the thought of him having her. I suggested winding him up even more, Nicola wanted to know what she should do if he did ‘drag her to the bedroom’, I said that ifi that happened then she gets her fantasy and I guess I get a titty fuck.

Well, I guess you can see where this is leading. First time, Nicola is wearing the tight blouse, tight jeans and no bra. Her tits are a nice size and firm, her nipples bright red and hard and clearly visible through the material and Arthur can’t take his eyes off her.

The next visit Nicola is wearing a blouse which was almost see through, no bra and a tight skirt fir when Joan and Arthur come around, Joan is wearing a blouse as well and no bra but a t short in an attempt to hold her tits in place. I helped Nicola get the coffee and so on and suggested that this was going to too far. Her reply? ‘You started it so this is down to you and you may get a titty fuck from those huge things, lucky for me I have fresh sheets on the bed’. I knew then that there was a distinct possibility that Nicola was going to push him all the way.

I carried the coffees in followed a few seconds later by Nicola who looked at me and gave me a sarcastic grin, she had opened her blouse, so it was undone lever with her breasts.

She apologised for forgetting the sugar and asked Joan to help her, a minute later they came back in with sugar and biscuits. We chatted and all the time Arthur kept looking at my wife’s tits, Nicola got up and held the plate of biscuits in front of Arthur, her chest a few inches from his face. ‘I hear you like these’ she said and laughed and said ‘also these’ shaking her tits. ‘They are beautiful’ he said.

Nicola opened the last few buttons, ‘would you like to see’ she asked. Then pulled her blouse open on open side and let one of her tits out. Arthur said nothing, he placed his cup down, took her tit in his hand and gave it a squeeze, then pulled her forward and put it in his mouth, running his tongue round her nipple and sucking first one then the other. He pulled her skirt up which was the first time I knew that she wasn’t wearing any knickers either, my wife giggled, Arthur stood up, took Nicola by the hand and pulled her to the bedroom. Nicola was giggling and calling him a ‘naughty old man’.

I turned to look at Joan expecting her to do something, but she had taken her blouse and t sort off, her huge tits on show. She came and sat next to me and just said ‘this is fun, isn’t it’.

My cock was pulled out, not hard to begin with but when woman takes it in her hand and started to toss you off, it gets hard no matter who’s doing it. It slides into her mouth and gets a good sucking then she’s on her bac and I’m giving her tits a good fucking but listening out for my wife thinking that she will just be letting Arthur play with her tits.

Joan is going on about how nice this is and I’m thinking yeh, if you say so. Nicola is laughing and telling Arthur how wicked he is, then I hear a scream and a very long, loud ‘oh …. fuck’ then silence.

I can hear Nicola whimpering, Joan is tossing me off slowly, my cock on her lips. My wife then shrieks another ‘oh…fuck’ and then starts the ‘thud, thud, thud’ and Nicola shouts ‘ oh fuck your hard, fuck that’s deep, fuck, fuck’ followed by the thud, thud ,thud of the head board.

Joan laughs and tell me ‘they’re off’ and that they will be some time. Then I’m pushed back, and Joan kneels between my legs and my cock disappears into her mouth, her huge tits hanging there. I have a good feel but can’t help wondering what’s going on in the bedroom, even though I know that the 71 year old husband of the woman sucking my cock is fucking my wife and she is letting me know all about it. Nicola is a screamer and all I can hear is crying ‘fuck your big and hard’ ‘fuck don’t; stop, keep going, fuck this is good’ then the thud, thud, thud gets faster followed by ‘do it had, fuck me hard’ followed by ‘ oh, oh I’m Cumming’ from my wife and then ‘fuck me and make me cum, fuck I’m cumming,’ followed by a lot of moaning and oooooooo’s.

By now the banging of the head board is constant and my wife’s whimpering is just as constant, then she shots out ‘ fuck.. I… am… cumming!’ and a long howling ‘fucking fill me you fucking bastard’. My wife doesn’t usually swear but when she is having great sex her language is foul, and her language tells me that she really has had a huge orgasm. I hear Arthur grunt followed by thud, then a pause and then another thud. I imagine him thrusting himself into my wife and emptying his balls into her pussy. That sends me over the top and I can feel my cum leaving my own balls. I moan and Joan pulls away, kneels up and lets my spunk spray her tits before she cleans me with her mouth.

‘well that was interesting’ I said. Joan laughed, lets have another cup of coffee, he won’t be finished yet. I put myself away and went to the kitchen whilst Joan went to the bathroom to clean her self up before following me. Then it stared again, moaning and the thud, thud, thud and the ‘oh fuck your going again’ and ‘fuck this is amazing’.

All in all Arthur fucked my wife for well over an hour not including the 10 minute break in the middle and my wife climaxed at least three times.

In the end Joan and Arthur left and I stood at the bedroom door and looked at my wife laying on her back, her legs open, her red nipples hard and long, her skin shining with sweat panting ‘I can’t cope with that again, fuck that was good’. Arthur, 71 walked out, not out of breath just thanking me for a ‘pleasant afternoon’.

And this is where the need for rules comes in. in the last month we have had 5 visits where Arthur takes my wife and ‘has her’. I get sucked off and even ger to cum in Joan’s mouth now bit that’s not the point. We had complaint from the people above us about the noise, in a note pushed under the door I was told that our personal time should be kept between us not announced to the whole building, in other words Nicola need to fuck quietly. I felt like telling them to send the note to Arthur. I have come home to the not muffled sound of my wife being fucked, I have opened the bedroom door to see Arthur’s lily white 71 year old ass bouncing and down on my wife, her legs wrapped round his neck, her skin soaking which tells me they had been fucking for a while and then Nicola will convulse as she has her orgasm.

Nicola and I had gone from making love three or four times a week to twice in that month. She told me that she just couldn’t cope with much more sex and that her pussy ached. So, I had to lay down the law, once a week is all Arthur is allowed to fuck my wife and I expect to be able to fuck Joan properly. That was har for Arthur to agree with but in the end he had no choice.

So now, every Saturday afternoon I have Joan on the spare bed and Arthur has my wife n our bed. I am a little unhappy that he can last close to twice as long as I can and can do it at least twice and make my wife cum several time whilst Joan just moans and lest out a little whimper when I fill her pussy.

So the lesson is, fuck away and have fun but have rules !

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