Written by Sioby

2 Nov 2011

Hiya, iv been reading the stories here for a while and thought id write one myself about something that happened to me a few weeks ago. A little about me, im a 26 year old married woman, im about 5'7 with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes, id say i was quite average size 12 on a good day, 14 on a bad one lol!

Anyway a few weeks ago my husband had to go away for the weekend to sort out some family troubles so i decided to have a couple of mates round for a catch up on the saturday night. iv been friends with Emily and Laura for ages and we usually get together once or twice a month to catch up, have a laugh, and a bit of a bitch. Laura is married like me and also has young kids whereas Emily is recently single. For those that want the details, Emily is about 5'3 skinny (bitch! lol) with red shoulder length hair and brown eyes, and Laura is about the same hight and size as me with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. The girls were getting round at 8 so i got some wine and nibbles in, got the kids off to bed. The night was like most others really, having a bitch about husband and ex's in Emily's case, chatting about work and just generally catching up on gossip. I guess we probably drank more than we usually would of and all ended up a bit tipsy. The conversation ended up getting on to sex and Emily was complaining about how her ex was a bit rubbish in the sex department, and said that she had had enough of men now and might just go for a girl next time, we all laughed our arses off knowing she was just mucking about. Emily said "yer but girls are better kissers" i asked her how she knew that, and she said that she had snogged a girl when she was younger. Now i have always been curious about being with another woman, in fact it had been one of my biggest fantasies for as long as i could remember. Laura asked her why the were better at kissing and we all had a good giggle when she told us, i dont know really how it happened but as Laura was kind of arguing with Emily that she doubted there was any difference between men and women, in how good they could kiss, Emily said she would prove it. And with that she leaned over and kissed laura on the lips, it started out as just a peck that slowly built up to a full blown snog. when the stopped there was a bit of a nervous silnce before we all fell about laughing, i guess i was a bit jealous in a way, so i said that it was a bit unfair i didnt get a kiss off anyone, only half joking. So emily, stil giggling like a school girl came over to me and put her hands on the sides of my face and pulled her lips on to mine, there was no pek for me, her tongue went straight into my mouth, and i have to say it was one of the best kisses iv ever had. i dont know how long we were kissing, but we only stopped when Laura said, " get a room you guys!" we stopped long enough to have a good laugh, but i dont know if it was the wine or just the mood but it wasn't a minute before i pulled emily to me again and kissed her again. this time her hand went up started carressing my boob through my top. it felt so good and i just couldn't get enough of it. i pushed my hand up under her top and was squeezing her breasts though her bra while our tongues danced inside eachothers mouths. I was in my own little world, i wasn't thinking about my husband or anything, and had competely forgot that Laura was even in the same room as us. Emilys hand was now inside my top and had pulled my bra down enough so that she could play with my hard nipples. she then stopped kissing me, so she could pull my top up and over my head, this is when i finally realised where i was again and looked over to see Laura watching us from the other sofa. my bra quickly followed my top on to the floor, and i decided to stand up, with Laura still watching i went over to her and kissed her full on the lips. We were soon joined by Emily who had taken everything apart from her knickers off and we all took turns kissing eachother. it was such a surreal experience, there had never been anything sexual between us before, but here we were all kissing and touching eachother. my jeans soon ended up on the floor and me and emily stripped Laura as well, i was kissing laura and carresing her nipple while emily slowly puller down her knickers and started kissing and lciking lauras pussy. it didnt take long till she was moaning and shaking as her orgasm rattled through her. As soon as Laura had cum, Emily pushed my legs apart and started giving me the same treatment, now i have always thought my husband was good at going down on me, but nothing compared to how good it felt having another girl doing it. i guess its true what they say that only another woman really knows what buttons to push. it felt amazing, her tongue slowly licking my clit whil two of her fingers pushed deep inside me. it didnt take long before i was shaking and biting my own arm so i didnt make to much noise. i have to say it was one of the best orgasm of my whole life, it seemed to start in my toes and work its way up all through my body. when i finally recovered i looked down and saw emily rubbing her clit inside her knickers. Laura just seemed out of it, so i thought that it was up to me to return the favour. i lay down on the floor next to emily, and puller her thong to one side and had my first taste of another woman. i actually really enjoed it, i didnt really know what i was doing but just thought id do what i would like having done to me. so i slowly licked up and down her slit the flicked the tip of my tongue over her clit. it didnt take long before i had Emily making the same noises she had just made me make. and at least we could all say we had an amazing orgasm lol!

Thanks for reading, i hope you all enjoy as much as i have enjoyed reading other peoples stories. please make comments if you want to, and maybe ill tell you some other stories as well.

Sioby x