Written by ADM

5 Oct 2017

This isn’t swinging as such but I feel a need to share it with the world because it is so out of character for my wife and I to what we have done I need to write it down.

First of all I would describe myself and my wife as boringly ordinary. I’m 58 and my wife is 55 and I guess now I need to describe ourselves.

I’m 5’11” and a little overweight my wife Karen (not her real name ) is a little shorter, she has large breasts but until this ‘event’ I hadn’t seen much of them for a long time. Karen is very concourse of the fact that after 3 children her breasts started to droop and so kept them hidden even from me.

We had never talked about let alone considered sex with another person or persons so what I’m going to describe is more shocking than it may appear in writing.

We own a property in Spain and visit it at least four times a year. Recently we went with our good friends and neighbours and they’re 20 year old daughter. She is very a very attractive red head with the brightest green eyes you have ever seen. To say she is a head turner is an understatement.

The holiday was very nice, we had decided to stay for three weeks whilst our friends could only stay for two. Part way through the second week it was suggested by Karen that our friend’s daughter who I will call Lisa should stay for the additional week. Lisa was excited by this so it was agreed and that was that.

I said to Karen that it was a nice gesture but did question her as to why she had offered to which she replied, ‘we have become so boring its time we had a life’. I told her that the comment didn’t make sense and she looked at me and said ‘no it wouldn’t to you would it’ and walked off. I took our friends to the airport leaving Karen and Lisa at the villa and saw them off, this was Saturday.

When I got back it was as though Karen and Lisa had been best friends for years instead of just neighbours but Karen was asking Lisa about boyfriends which I thought was inappropriate but Lisa was fine with it. That evening in bed Karen asked me what I thought of Lisa and asked if I thought she was pretty, I told her that I thought she was very attractive. Karen just went hmm and turned over and went to sleep. On the Monday Karen and Lisa went shopping and came back quite late giggling and telling me about what a great day they had had. That evening in bed Karen was very serious. I asked her what was wrong and she said ‘nothing’ but then said ‘ she’s very pretty isn’t she’ then before I could say anything she pulled her top off, put her hand down my shorts and just said ‘ fuck me’. For the first time in many months we had sex, Karen was quite rough but then told me to stop and asked me if I was thinking of Lisa. Of course I said no but Karen wrapped her legs round my waist and her arms round my neck and said ‘why, I am’ and started thrusting herself against me. We had great sex and maybe made a little too much noise.

When we had finished I asked her about what she had said but she just stared at me for a while and then went to the bathroom after which she got into bed and went to sleep. Tuesday and Wednesday went by and then Thursday our lives changed. It had been a nice day and I was in bed at 10pm when the door opened and Karen was standing there with Lisa holding hands. Karen in a blouse and sarong and Lisa in a bikini bottom and one of my shirts and the two of them looked as though they had gone through several glasses of wine. I asked if everything was ok and the two of them laughed.

The two of them walked to my wide of the bed when Karen said ‘ I told her (Lisa) that you though she was pretty but are too old and boring to do anything about it, (again laughter). Lisa opened her (my) shirt to reveal her small but perfectly formed breasts and asked me if I liked them. I told her I did, Karen then asked if I was getting hard and pulled the sheet back to prove that I was and trust me I was very hard. Karen told me to touch her, I didn’t think I should but Lisa took my hand and placed it on her left breast. It was firm and her bright red nipple was like a little stone. Karen took her blouse off and stood behind Lisa wrapping her arms around her shoulders so her breasts would be pressing against her back. Then I guess this was to Lisa she whispered ‘put it in his mouth’ to which Lisa leaned forward and pressed her breast against my lips. I took it all in my mouth and started to suck, Karen massaged the other with her hand then told Lisa to get into bed.

Lisa pulled the shirt off and climbed onto the bed. I thought this was going to be a joke on me but Karen undressed so she was completely naked knelt on the ben and pulled lisa’s bikini bottoms off to reveal a smooth shaved pussy and I guess it was now I realised it wasn’t a joke. Karen pulled my shorts off letting my solid cock spring up. One of them had a quick intake of breath but it was Karen who told Lisa to ‘put it in your mouth’ and in a second my hard cock was disappearing between 20 year old lips. Karen held her breasts and told me to suck her, how I didn’t cum immediately I will never know.

For a little while I had my wife’s breasts in my mouth and hands and my cock in Lisa’s mouth until Karen said ‘enough’ and climbed onto the bed pulling Lisa onto her back and pulling my hands down to her pussy and telling me to ‘eat it’. Lisa has the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted, my tongue explored as deep as it could but my wife explored Lisa’s small breasts with her tongue and teeth.

It stared to get a little rough and animal like until Karen shoved my head and told me to stop, I looked up and Karen told Lisa that she ‘ I want him to fuck you’ Lisa actually looked excited and said ‘please yes’. I was ordered by my wife to ‘put it in her’ and to ‘ be rough’.

It actually took a couple of attempts to slid it in. She is so tight I thought I would hurt her but I managed and it was fucking amazing. I was mesmerized by how her small breasts wobbled as I shafted her pussy and how she groaned and cried out and how my wife lay beside her fingering herself and pushing her large breast into Lisa’s mouth. I knew I couldn’t last long and warned Lisa I was going to cum and started to pull out but Karen screamed for me to carry on and shouted for me to ‘fucking fill her’. Lisa said that she wasn’t on the pill but Karen barked at her telling her that I had been ‘sorted’ ( vasectomy). In that moment I came and time seemed to stop, Lisa and Karen climaxed and I managed to cum again. The three of us slept in the same bed and fucked most of the night, me and Karen, Karen and Lisa and then Lisa and me. It was the same each afternoon and evening until we came home and twice in the two weeks we’ve been back and Karen and I fuck like animals in between. Now we are going on line to start out new life and are looking for couples, single women or bored housewives to share our new life.