Written by Young_and_Hung

18 Oct 2013

After a long day at work I went to see my girlfriend Lisa who was waiting for me as I walked up the stairs to her flat. She was wearing a red almost latex dress with a cheeky smile and a playful look.

She greeted me with a passionate kiss pulling at my suit jacket bringing me closer to her.

Immediately all thoughts of being worn out from the day were gone replaced by a growing heat and large bulge in my suit trousers.

Lisa pressed her body harder against me grinding against my ever growing shaft. She then broke away from me and proceeded down the stairs into the courtyard below which led into a gated passage way.

I followed eagerly curious as to what she had planned.

She stood in the passageway with the locked gateway behind her which opened out onto the street.

I needed no invitation and strode forward grabbing her around the waist kissing her on her neck as I pulled her head back with her long dark hair my other hand rapidly descending between her thighs to find her pussy warm and very excited for my touch.

My fingers easily slipped inside her and she gasped and straight away started moving against my fingers.

I pulled her hair firmly back and she started to beg me to fuck her.

At this point I looked up to see a youngish guy who looked like he had finished a bar shift stood across the street watching intently our passionate encounter.

He looked worried that he had been spotted but didn't move.

Now I know Lisa loves to be slutty and show off so I motioned for him to come over and whispered into Lisa's ear that we had an audience to which she replied "excellent can I play with him" I of course nodded my agreement.

The lad was rubbing his cock on the other side of the gate so I grabbed Lisa's hand and placed her hand on his cock through the gates railings and she started to wank his 6.5inch now rock hard cock off. I started un-doing my trousers taking out my nearly 9inch cock that was throbbing in anticipation, i turned Lisa round and now pushed her head towards the strangers cock which he had now pushed through the gate. Lisa instantly took the hint and took his shaft into her mouth as I lifted her skirt exposing her soaking wet pussy. I held her hips tightly and slammed my cock into her making her moan on the strangers cock.

I stayed deep inside her feeling her grip my swollen shaft enjoying every second. I began slow long thrusts into her and grabbed her hair so each time I thrusted she was impaled on the strangers cock and fucked deeply by my own.

Sadly the stranger didn't last very long an warned he was about to cum, Lisa pulled her top down and asked him to shoot on her big tits.

He pumped his hand twice more and shot hot white strings of cum onto Lisa's tits and promptly looked around and left. I was still pounding her pussy at this point and she was nearing climax writhing around no matter how firmly I held her in place.

I felt her tighten around my cock as she gasped and her knees gave alittle.

I felt a little left out as Lisa sucking my cock was one of my absolute favorite things so asked he to kneel down even with her arse and cum covered tits exposed she took my cock into her mouth and I was so close to cumming from fucking her from behind that it wasn't long before her tounge tasted my cum as it shot out of my almost painfully throbbing cock. Lisa gobbled it all up and ran a finger across her cum soaked tits and tasted some of our strangers cum and then stood up re-arranged her now deshelvelled dress and we headed back up to her flat where we spent the rest of the evening fucking and chatting about our little encounter and how sexy it had been.