Written by Friendly Luke

21 Aug 2017

Mine is not super sexy tale but my wife Brenda and I have been married for 20 years. We are in our 50’s. It’s a second marriage for both of us. Brenda had 2 kids to her first husband Dave when they split up. He was never home and chased money so they weren’t very happy.

A few years after they split he settled down and missed the kids. He realised his mistake and came and lived nearby. By this time Brenda had another man move in with her and she was happy. But she always had a soft spot for Dave and used to have sex with him on a fairly regular basis when he had the kids over.

Her boyfriend never knew of this and that relationship didn’t last and eventually moved out. She knew he wasn’t the type to settle down forever but he was good while it lasted. It was just after that when she and I got together.

Dave, her ex had had a permanent girlfriend for about a year as well. It was about the time that I met Brenda that Dave’s girlfriend caught them in bed. She made Dave choose that he either stop fucking Brenda or she would leave.

So that ended that. Brenda and I had about 18 years of just us. It suited us and particularly me as I never felt the urge to share her with someone else. I knew though that Brenda enjoyed the touch of 2 different men. Sometimes she would talk about it. She always said that Dave and her boyfriend were both so different and it gave her a massive sense of satisfaction when she had sex with both of them on the same day but at different times. She had been able to please 2 men and that made it better for her.

So this leads us to the present. We have been friends with another couple, Annie and Mitch for years now. There was nothing between us but good friendships and I mean very good friendships. We were always there for each other. The most sexual thing we ever did is when we went on holidays together the girls would like to sunbake topless. So I saw Annie’s boobs many times as Mitch saw Brenda’s.

Then Annie got sick with the big C and passed away. That was over 2 years ago.

We have tried to support Mitch as much as possible as friends do. He had been alone for about 5 months when Brenda suggested to me that she have sex with him. She told me that just before Annie went that the girls had talked and Annie had asked Brenda to comfort Mitch if it was ok with me. Annie didn’t want Mitch getting another woman and changing the will so her children would miss out. I didn’t think he would let this happen but I suppose you never do know.

I thought about it and realised I didn’t mind. I wasn’t in favour of threesomes or watching like you read here so often but I knew Brenda would enjoy the change and experience a new lover. Maybe it could be like before, I thought? She also liked Mitch a lot. Not love like with me but in a very friendly way.

She talked to Mitch and so did I. He was excited and very thankful that we would even consider it. Brenda went to his house after lunch the next day and they had sex. It was good. When she came home that was exactly what she told me. She didn’t give me all the details nor did I want them. Just knowing she particularly enjoyed it was good for me. She wanted more and so did he.

When she came home we had a glass of wine and talked about how we both felt. She was still excited and bubbly. She asked me to have sex with her. She wanted it a lot and once I was inside her she came easily over and over.

It was the next day that he came over. He was nervous but both Brenda and I reassured him that we were ok and enthusiastic to continue. We then all sat down and worked out how it would be. We wanted to keep our friendship and be open and honest with each other.

They both wanted me to set the rules as they were both getting the sex and not me. I didn’t see it that way totally but went along with it. I said there would not be rules but we would agree on some basics. I think rules are to restricting.

I had already been thinking about it and suggested that they never have sex at our place. Also they restrict sex between them to no more than 3 times a week. I choose this number because Brenda and I probably averaged 4 times a week. So I thought their frequency should be a little less. Later Brenda told me that I was generous. She never dreamed anything like that. She had thought maybe once a week or even once a fortnight.

Also I suggested that Brenda would not stay over all night with him. Really she shouldn’t sleep with him just go there for the sex. As well, that they must act in front of me, the family and the public just like good friends not lovers. They readily agreed to these rules as we all felt that we are the only ones who should know.

This has been happening now for something like 2 years. Mitch has not looked at another woman. Brenda I have sex more often, in fact its most days. On the days she goes over to Mitch’s place she definitely wants it when she gets home. Sometimes it’s straight away but often we wait and almost saviour the moment.

The sex after him is different and she often wants it wilder and rougher from me. She holds the excitement and asks me to do things to her. She will want her nipples sucked and pinched. She will also want a good fingering before I enter her. She may even do it to herself and I watch her convulse.

She doesn’t always see him in the day. Sometimes if I am going out in the evening she will go to Mitch’s and then come home and be in bed or arrive just as I do. On his birthdays she has told him to have a lie in and gone over and let herself in to his house and joined him for a morning glory. His last birthday we woke early and we had sex before she went to Mitch. So it was him that followed me. We all enjoyed that.

Life doesn’t have to be dull. Brenda makes sure of that.