Written by juicycock

1 Dec 2015

It has been almost ten months since I wrote my last account of my wife enjoying her freedom to meet her lover and one of his mates. Feb 9th 2015, read and catch up.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a very successful marriage. Two now adult daughters and a beautiful wife who adores sex in most of its manifestations. York is a lovely old city and that is her hunting ground. The dozens of bars and restaurants as well as a huge choice of hotels or if wanting alfresco, some great open spaces for sexy flirting and places for risky sex where there was a great chance of being seen.

It was during the warm July evenings when she had arranged to meet her lover again with the aim of a bit of fun. He was hungry for her as his wife was having a grump with him for not decorating the kitchen, a job he admitted was far better done when he was on leave in the autumn rather than uncomfortably hot summer days. As I knew he was under pressure at work, I had to say i agreed with him that in the autumn it is better to work indoors rather than the distractions of labouring in the hot sultry weather.

It happened that Tom Jones was singing after the races at York and I had agreed to take her along for a great concert, then she would meet her lover and spend a few hours with him before coming back to my cock when she was satisfied. The evening went very well with a couple of good results and six hundred pounds to fill my wallet courtesy of four winners. I gave her half and said get a good room if you can. She kissed me and rang her lover who was also in the crowd of around thirty thousand. She arranged to meet him at the champagne bar in twenty minutes and I stayed around in the background so I could see them move off together. They met and his mate was with him, I assumed it was the same one who had fucked her back in February.

I saw her kiss them both and then turn for the city centre. I went for a jar or two at a couple of pubs I knew and got the message that they had got a room in the Hilton and were going to have a drink in the bar before going upstairs. My mind flipped into voyeur mode and as I was less than half a mile away, drained my pint and walked quickly to the hotel. I could see them through the window and saw a place where I could possibly sit without being seen. They stood at the bar and I sneaked in and sat down behind them, knowing her lover knew my face but his mate did not and he was facing me, but devoting his attention to my wife's thigh which he was gently rubbing over her dress.

As Liz and her lover were not in direct view, I just made a few routine observations, her hand was on her drink and she was talking to both guys and occasionally exchanging kisses and knowing laughs. This lasted about half an hour then Liz went to the loo and I sent a call in case a text got held up in the ether. She answered and I told her where I was. She called me a dirty sod and said they were about to go up to the room. I wished her happy fucking and she said she loved me and also what she was about to do. I said I hoped she got well filled with spunk and she replied 'so do I but we will see, love you, see you later'. Then she was gone. She reappeared from the loo and smiled at the guys who followed her out of the bar. I followed and saw them enter the lift, noting that they got out on the third floor.

I got a taxi home and was in bed soon after nursing my erection as I lay naked in bed. I could not sleep and got up and went downstairs to watch some porn on telly imagining she was getting drilled just like the lucky girl on the box.

At around five am I heard the front door open and in she walked to find me naked on the sofa and the tv buzzing emptily. 'Hi, I've been a very naughty girl' she grinned wickedly. Slipping her dress off and revealing she was naked with lots of marks on her body. 'I have been well filled' she told me. I asked if they both fucked her and she said 'Yes, several times'

'Any photos?' 'Yes on my mobile, sorry I couldn't send them but I was kept busy so he (lover) took some' She produced her phone and showed me the twenty or so shots of her taking cock and giving head. Some with spunk on her chin and some of it oozing from a well filled and reddened pussy. Her lover has about seven inches of meat and his mate a bit longer and thicker, so no enormous cocks like some, but between them she received six loads of her favourite food.

We fucked desperately there and then in the lounge and she revealed that she had been nicely fucked from behind, on top, missionary and spoons. She had sucked them both at length, taken one in her cunt and the other in her mouth and been spunked in at both ends. I was so proud of her as she revealed each sordid detail, her eyes giving her enjoyment away as she recalled the sheet staining fun. I asked how many times she had come and she said she could hardly recall but it was like one long orasm, the fun of it all, being undressed by them in the room, knowing they were going to fuck her any way they wanted. She said they did not take her arse as she did not want it that way that night, but promised they could have her next time as long as they bathed and prepared her properly and she could wash their cocks before and after the event. So it seems she is going to be meeting them again to extend their pleasure with her body.

I write now because she told me last night she was going to a spa with them both on Saturday 5th December under the guise of a works do for her lover. His mate is also going and she is meeting them at the station to go to Durham. I am driving her to the station and have bought her a first class ticket