Written by james

2 Oct 2009

I was contacted over the net a few months ago by a woman with whom I had a 3 year fling 15 years ago. She was bi in those days, and left the country to see the world. She told me that I was the last cock she had, and she wanted to try it again. We arranged to meet at night in a quiet park on a mountain. I was like we had never been apart, within a few minutes I had my hand between her legs, she was wet already. In no time we were on the back seat naked. She was wanking me off now, next she sat astride me and put my cock inside her, what a fuck! Her large tits just bounced in front of me.

As she fucked, I started to wank her at the same time, her juice was flowing freely and she began to fuck me faster, she came soonafter. She got off me and began wanking me again, I wanted to taste her juices, so I put my head between her legs and began to lick her, next thing she was pulling me up and putting my cock inside again. This was my turn now and I fucked her again. We were like a pair of teenagers, but what a fuck!

We dressed and had a good laugh about what had just happened, we have arranged to meet again very soon.