Written by Miscellany

5 Apr 2019

After their first dynamic meeting had culminated in sex at his place and continued at ours, they were in contact regularly. Liz cleared her texts each time so I had no idea how frequent they were but she kept adding little snippets into the conversation such as that he wanted to meet her again to discuss her part. I came out with the suggestion that she did not have a part at all and it was just a ruse to get her in bed again. She said they had actually discussed her doing an acting part for some friends one evening. This interested me and I pushed a little more saying what kind of acting might this be. She was debating whether to come out with it or not but I reminded her that whatever it was it was fine with me as long as it was safe.

The dam then collapsed. A look of sheer relief passed her face, her eyes sparkled as teardrops welled up. I cuddled her and kissed her and whispered that I really was cool with whatever was planned as long as she wanted it too. Drying her eyes she said she had been bottling it up from the first night when they came to our house after a long session at his, they were supposed to tell me then that he wanted her to act out a sex scene in front of a private audience, friends of his. It was a sort of club of dirty not so old men who wanted to 'study' a woman and man fucking. Of course it was my fault for derailing their intentions because she had already agreed to do it but my attitude sort of prevented the crucial conversation and the following days had turned into weeks and still she had not found the courage to tell me. I said I was very sorry about making a pigs ear of things and that of course I would let her do it, adding that I would love to join the audience if allowed. She looked so relieved and gave me a huge kiss and said she would ask Jeff if I could be there as the performance was to be in just three days.

She went to rehearsals that night and came home beaming to tell me that there was a seat in a box for me. I asked where and she said in the town's theatre which was closed at present as it only had acts and plays for a few months each year. The entrance was to be via the stage door and there were just nine in the audience plus me. She handed me a ticket saying complementary with the date hand written on it. She told me a password which I had to give at the door or I would not get in. I wrote it on the back of my ticket and we made love with extra vigour straight after and she was very hot, talking dirty and being excessively horny. If this was a sample then it was going to be fantastic. A cuckold's dream to see his wife fucked in front of an audience on stage. Almost impossible to imagine as last time I was in there it was to see the pantomime and that was a couple of years ago.

Liz was much calmer now despite the forthcoming acting experience, she sang as she did some housework and was smiling and very loving to me. In bed she got me to run through the lines she had and I recalled she was reliving a meet she had with a guy some time ago. I remembered her going to his house and getting fucked. I asked if I was right and she nodded, saying she still had the dress she wore that night and she had bought almost identical underwear which included side tie panties, one of my old favourites. I decided not to insist on a replay but held my tongue and hoped for the best.

The night of the 'play' she was to be at the stage door by seven and the play began at eight. We travelled separately, me by bus and leaving before she left. The bus route took twice as long as driving and I fidgeted as I neared the town centre and got off the bus a couple of streets before the theatre. At ten to eight I presented myself at the stage door and repeated my password and was allowed in. I found the door to my box and found I was alone and the tiny audience was contained in the three boxes each side of the stage, being so close you felt you could touch an actor if you wished, very nice. To be honest I was extremely horny knowing that very shortly these other men would be seeing my gorgeous wife's tits and cunt and she would be getting fucked right in front of me.

At precisely eight o'clock Jeff appeared on stage, the lights were preset and he welcomed us to the performance saying we had a very special new actress that he hoped to be seeing more of (getting a smutty laugh) and hoped the stage would witness a budding star. Polite clapping as he left the stage and the lighting came onto a sofa in a set of an apartment, a bed immediately to the left a metre or two away and still unlit. A door and a window were backdrops, lighting was showing the image of evening. A little talking and the sound of footsteps. A couple pass the window and the door is opened after unlocking. Liz enters the flat and looks around, followed by Jeff who is fondling her. He takes her coat and tells her to get comfy. She sits at the sofa revealing her long legs as she does so, stocking tops flash and Jeff pours drinks before joining her on the sofa. They sip and kiss, slowly but also long and lingering. Her dress rides up and stockings are now on show as is the side tie panties, white, lacy, cock strainers.

There is small talk and hands wandering, more heavy kissing. I am enthralled. I scan the audience who are as silent as mice. Jeff moves a hand onto her breasts and she melts and offers no resistance. Her first lines 'So you want to fuck me then?' 'Of course' says Jeff. Then he goes on about seeing her in the pub and being drawn to her like magic. 'I'm not going to stop you' she says. Jeff asks if she would do him a big favour and do a little striptease just for him. She drains her glass and says 'If that is what you want' and she stands up, facing the audience then turns her back and lets us see her zip drawn down to the bottom, her white bra strap showing, contrasting with her softly tanned body,her back looking sexy like a young woman loves to be seen, slim yet shapely, a size twelve to perfection.

The dress is shed tantalisingly and left near the front of the stage like a butterfly shedding its pupa and revealing the new beauty beneath. I am breathless and stiff as a rod, my wife in this public place doing very private things for a tiny audience of dirty not too old men. I wondered how many were as stiff as me but then thought that they all would be. I decided that my cock deserved an airing and I slipped my trousers down to my knees and as I had gone commando I carefully played with my straining cockhead, rubbing the smooth dome and relishing its freedom.

As she was just in her stockings, suspenders and bra and panties she strutted the stage to all points, giving the ghostly faces a better look at her sensuous body. I was proud of her beauty and her figure and also the promise of even more to come. Jeff had meantime stripped himself naked and now I saw why she was happy to fuck with him. At least two inches more cock than me and perhaps a touch more thickness. Quite a sight. Liz joined him as he stood near the window at the back of the set looking out. 'See the guy coming up the road?' she strains right and says 'Yes' 'Why not give him a thrill and let him see your body' I remember her telling me about this and now it is being played out on stage. Wow. She lets Jeff release her bra and then the side ties and she is revealed, the fabulous naked bum framed by white suspender belt and those black stockings with red seams, fantastic, she stands near the door and opens it, steps outside and says something off stage before coming back through the door naked with a big smile on her face saying 'I think he liked that' Jeff walks her round the stage as she shows her trimmed cunt off to all present. They approach the bed and he lays her on it and opens her legs. A screen drops down and she is magnified by a camera held by a man in the stalls the picture he is getting blown up ten times for her folds and lips to be scrutinised by everyone. He starts licking her and the cameraman joins them on stage getting the best view for all of us there.

Maybe it was just me but I sensed the aroma of sex coming from the stage. Her breasts were red, typical of when she is highly roused and her eyes were closed as he delivered a fantastic licking to her soaking cunt. One second she was passive but the next I saw her squirt across the stage, splashing near the cameraman and making the audience laugh. She was lost to the moment and I know at times like that anyone could do anything to her without complaint. Jeff saw his advantage and shoved his cock deep inside her and she was squealing with joy and demanding he fuck her hard and give her his spunk. This was not to be for a while yet. He withdrew and offered his cock to her mouth. |Sucking him almost to coming over the next five minutes or so. Her breathing was erratic and her demands were very noisy needing his cock inside her and fucking her all night. This was quality, far better than any porn film, the noise was real and not just dubbed, her tits were bouncing as they fucked coupled in different positions, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (which the audience loved), missionary. The climax was witnessed as she came for the umpteenth time and his bum clenched as his load was delivered deep inside her. The gasping was epic, Jeff almost passing out, Liz trying to wring the last spoonful from his cock.

I looked down at my soaking cock, at some time in the frenzy I had come without noticing until the come began to cool. Cleaning up was messy, my handkerchief soaking, but what a spectacle and I was astonishingly proud of my lovely wife for her incredible portrayal of her previous lover fucking her at his flat. The whole thing was over in shortly over an hour from entering this wonderful theatre. I knew I would never enter it again for such a performance. There were drinks in the green room and a freshly dressed Liz was the object of all the men. Jeff thanked them all for sharing the evening and hoped it might be repeated again some time. When we eventually got away, she told me Jeff had asked her about her past and had the idea that he and some of his friends might like the idea of a re-enactment of a meeting and she came up with that one.

We got home and Jeff had sent me a text thanking me for the lone of a lovely woman and hoping we might do it again one day. It transpired at a later meeting that his brother had the keys to the theatre when it was not being used and they had used it for similar voyeur meets a few times, but always kept the secret. I know I have blabbed a bit but nobody knows where the town or location is so I reckon it will fit many towns and small cities throughout the country and as we travel a lot, then I trust the secret will not be revealed. I ask you to remember that confidentiality is the watchword of swinging lifestyle so enjoy and accept that the truth can be a dangerous item if handled carelessly. I truly would love to tell you names, streets and many other details but alas it is not necessary, just the knowledge that this kind of eccentricity does exist in the least likely places.