Written by zvfy

25 Oct 2008

I’d asked, well pleaded with my wife Janet loads of times during our 14 year marriage to have sex with other guys. Sometimes while making love she’d get so horny that she would agree but always backed out the following day saying it would ruin our marriage. So, after 2-3 years of this routine I thought I\'d better take the initiative and so set about finding a suitable chap via Swingingheaven.

After a lot of searching, the placing of several adverts, sessions in the chat rooms I managed to strike-up an on-line friendship with a guy called Barry, who lived about 25 miles form us in Wolverhampton. Over a couple of months I sent him loads of photos of Janet nude, in her sexy gear and also of her using her dildos. He showed a lot of interest!

Janet is an attractive girl, she\'s 37, trim at about 5 foot 6 inches, has large uplifted breasts with fantastic nipples, long legs and an arse and cunt to die for. She gets very kinky and wet when in the mood and loves rubber and mild fetish fun.

Anyway, Janet and I are keen cinema goers and we see most of the new releases so I got to work on my plan. I prearranged to meet Barry at a ‘cinema’ on a mid summer night. It was a hot evening so Janet put on a thin dress with no bra and a skimpy thong. She had me hard immediately!

As we drove north along the M6 I began to stroke Janet’s neck and legs, this always has the desired effect. I moved to her tummy, softly rubbing just above her pussy mound and alternating between this and her large breasts. She was clearly aroused by now so I dropped my hand to her pussy; she opened her legs and allowed me better access. I pushed her thong to one side and inserted a finger in to her very wet pussy; I pushed 2-3 fingers in and out of her hole while rubbing her clit with my thumb. By now Janet was very horny and asked if we could stop to fuck. I said ‘no, lets go on to the cinema and make love when we get home’, which she grudgingly agreed to.

Janet asked why we had driven past Star City where we normally go to see films and I merely said that they we’re not showing the film I had in mind and we’d need to travel a bit further north to a specialist theatre.

We finally pulled up at the Foxy Lady cinema in Bilston and Janet was surprised, she said this isn\'t a normal cinema so I explained that it was an adult theatre where they play exclusive porn and where you can watch guys and sometime couples have fun.

Janet was very apprehensive about going in but being she was still on heat and very curious so after I reassured her she agreed. As I paid for us at the entrance I saw Barry waiting, I gave him a rye smile and he followed us close behind. There was a musky smell in the cinema, but I wasn’t sure whether it was coming from my fingers after the earlier car fun.

The cinema was fairly full so we ended up on the second row from the back. As we got comfortable there was a film playing, with a young girl taking 2 very large cocks, one in her cunt and another in her mouth. Janet snuggled up to me and I could tell that she was still feeling very horny by the way she was squirmed on her seat.

I sensed Barry sitting down next to Janet and gave him a wink above her head. I slipped my hand between her legs and began playing with her wet pussy. After 10 minutes of this she released my cock and began to rub my end, which by now was oozing pre-cum.

I’d stopped playing with Janet’s clit several times as I sensed she was close to coming. I moved my hand away and within a few moments saw Barry place his where mind had been. Janet was startled by Barry touch and told me what was happening. I reassured her and said that this can be expected at these places and if she was uncomfortable I would ask the guy to move. She didn’t say anything further and just slid further down in her seat and opened her legs wide to allow her new friend better access.

In no time at all I could hear Barry fingering Janet’s wet cunt, I worked a finger into her arse, and she spread her long legs even further and was moaning softly as we both inserted our fingers into her love cannels. Janet reached over and began rubbing Barry’s cock through his trousers while wanking me at the same time. I was getting horny as hell watching her as she unzipped him and leaned over to lick and suck his cock. By now we had attracted a crowd of guys, all with their cocks out wanking. I carried on fingering her arse and thought how lucky I’d been with my plan.

By now Janet was sucking Barry like a real whore, her mouth was going up and down on him and before too long he arched his back and shot a thick load of spunk into her mouth. She sucked him dry, tuned and kissed me hard while passing Barry’s hot liquid in to my mouth.

Janet bent-over the seat facing to the back of the cinema and guided my cock in to her gapping cunt. As she did this, a chap from behind shoved his cock towards her face and she willingly open her mouth to accommodate him. I didn’t last very long and shot my load as I saw her new friend release his load into her mouth. I moved to one side and was quickly replaced by Barry. This was the first time I’d seen his cock in the flesh and it was huge! He had no trouble however in driving it all the way to his balls. While she was sucking the guy behind us several chaps where shooting their spunk all over her face and neck. Barry withdrew his hard dick and began rubbing it up and down her arse. She must have known instinctively what he wanted because as he pushed forward she raised her bottom and pushed back on to his hard cock, taking it up her arse in one go. Janet had enjoyed several orgasms and her swollen pussy was leaking cum as Barry pushed his dick in and out of her arse. It didn’t take Barry much longer and he exploded deep in side her and I watched as his cock plopped out followed by a large stream of spunk. Janet took another creamy load in her mouth and kept sucking the guy until he was dry.

We tided ourselves and made a speedy retreat out of the cinema. The receptionist gave us a strange look and said that she hoped we enjoyed the film!