Written by Barry T

29 Jul 2019

This is a quick story about how our swinging life started all of a sudden without any planning and was quite a shock for both of us.

I am Barry, I’m 45 and married to Natashia who was originally from Spain. Natashia is 43, gorgeous with nice permanently olive skin which she loves to keep shiny with oil she gets from her mother in Spain. She has a great curved shape with great full pear-shaped breasts but with the tiniest nipples that just drive me mad they are so sexy.

We had never done anything remotely like swinging, in fact the only thing we had done that was what anyone could call ‘naughty’ was go to a nudist beach where men would stare at her, but that was that. We had jokingly talked about ‘doing something’ and had taken naughty photos to send to a ‘discreate wives’ website but we never sent them.

So, how did all this start? Well, we agreed for a friend of our son to come and stay with us, originally for a week which turned into two, then a month. But after a year he was still with us. Like our son, he went to university close by hence he stayed with us. He is now 23 and according to my wife, (before all this started) he is very handsome and build like a bull. Then, our son went to work abroad for a year and that when things changed.

I knew he fancied Natashia, you could tell by the way he looked at her. Natashia said he was ‘sweet’ but I think she fancied him back.

When our son left our love making became more adventurous. We made love a lot, but quietly. When our son left or was out, we would have loud sex but when he was home Natashia had to bite her lip or bit the pillow. When he left all that stopped even though Andrew, the lodger was home. I guess this was our way of being naughty and in a way, it was my way of showing off to this ‘bull’ that I was fucking the women he had a thing for and I Was making her orgasm.

Then Natashia wanted to keep our bedroom door open, to begin with she tried to keep quiet but would moan a lot when she knew he was in his room. I noticed that he kept his bedroom door open a lot as well, obviously listening to us. One evening I mentioned to Natashia that his door was open and that he was listening. She jumped on top of me, lowered herself onto my shaft and rode me, not making any attempt to be quiet, in fat laughing and making it obvious that she was being very animated which was hilarious but before long the noise was real. Having my gorgeous wife wide my shaft, her full breasts with her shiny olive skin swaying close to my face was enough to drive any man wild.

I guess it was all my fault, because I would talk dirty to her, asking her to imagine Andrew watching, then to imagine Andrew sucking her nipples then I told her to imagine Andrew inside her whilst I pumped her pussy. She started to thrash and beg for more then we would cum really hard. One Saturday morning we where laying in bed and Andrew went to the shower, I caught my wife playing with her pussy and biting her lip, I asked her if she was imagining Andrew fucking her, she slapped my chest and told me not to be silly but I think she was. I got a great fuck out of it anyway.

It was what you call ‘a quickie’ and after we had finished Andrew was still in the shower. I joked that she had cum so quickly because she had thought of being in the shower with her bull, more laughing and slapping. Then the shower stopped and after a while Andrew came out wrapped in a towel.

We were both naked, but I was fully covered by the quilt, Natashia on the other hand had one of her long legs uncovered plus one of her breasts. I told her to call him to ask him what his plans where for the day, she told me to behave but I wanted to see how he reacted. She told me that if it went wrong it would be my fault and not to embarrass the boy. But then she covered herself up and called out to him. As he approached the bedroom, she pulled the quilt so that she was topless and her leg was back on show. He stood at the door in nothing but a towel. Natashia lay there and asked him if he was ok. I couldn’t believe how hot this was, my wife was laying on the bed, her plump breasts on show for this lad. He stood and stared at her breasts. There was silence for a few seconds until my wife asked him again if he was ok. I couldn’t resist, the air was so tense and erotic, it was obvious that Andrew had a hard on I had to see how far they would take this.

I pulled the quilt down a little more until it was just above her pussy. I motioned for him to come closer, thinking back now I can understand how he took it to mean ‘do it’.

He strode towards the bed pulling his towel off and showing off a very thick cock. Natashia kicked the quilt off and opened her legs. Andrew said nothing, he just latched onto one of her tits and started to suck before laying on top of my wife in between her legs shoving his thick shaft into her shaved pussy.

Natashia gave out a scream and grabbed my hand. I lay there next to her as this ‘bull’ thust himself into her pumping her like it was his first time.

I moved away as much as I could without falling off the bed whilst our lodger basically ‘ravished’ my wife. He held her by her throat with one had and held her arms together with the other and pumped her hard, her tits thrashing around, the head of the bed banging against the wall.

Natashia screamed hard and load wrapping her legs round his back until he impregnated her making her cum hard. It was so fucking hot that when he wad finished with her I pushed him off and fucked her myself and when I had finished he dragged her onto her tummy, lifted her bum and re entered her and repeated his performance this time doggy style. I lay beside her using her breast against my semi hard cock, wiping the wetness onto her tit. When he had cum in my wife for the second time causing her to collapse, he fell to the floor out of breath, then got up and left giving her a smile.

That afternoon Natashia and I talked about nothing else, about how it was just sex and just some fun but that it should probable never happen again. On Sunday afternoon we walked home after having lunch in our local pub, the topic of conversation was Andrew and what we had done.

She said we shouldn’t do it again, I said something like, what if he forces himself onto you. Natashia looked at me and giggled ‘then I will have to let him do it I suppose’. I took it further, ‘what if I ripped your clothes off for him’. She looked at me and giggled, ‘would you do that’.

We entered the house as Andrew was walking downstairs, ‘you two alright’ he said, ‘after yesterday’. I said we were and asked him if he was, he said he was and that ( in his words) it was fucking amazing. He and my wife stared at each other for ages, I pulled her blouse open causing a few buttons to pull off. She was almost sandwiched between us, me pulling her blouse and bra off and him squeezing her tits with his tongue in her mouth.

Both Andrew and I literally ripped my wife’s clothes off ruining the blouse. Andrew dragged her into the lounge and the two of us spent the next hour fucking my wife, her mouth, her pussy and her ass cummings inside her and over her hair and tits. Now she spends one night with him and one with me and it is so fucking hot that some days we both fuck her either separately or at the same time. We worked it out that Natashia gets shagged at least 15 times a week now, so much so that she is talking about taking a week off from the two of us. I have threatened to get Andrew to find himself a girlfriend for us to fuck whilst she’s away.

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