Written by sharingcpl

18 Apr 2014

Before i begin, let me assure you the following recollection is absolutely true and I hope you enjoy it as much as i have experiencing it!I have never tried retelling any of my wife and I's adventures but here goes.

After the breakdown of my first marriage I spent most of my time either at work or at home feeling sorry for myself. After a bit of pesuading my mates dragged me down the local pub to drown my sorrows and get me back into the dating scene perhaps. after a lot of alcohol I got chatting with a group of women celebrating something (buggered if i can remember what now!) one particular girl (my future wife) caught my eye much to my mates amusement. She was about 20, blonde with dark roots coming through, blue eyes, size 10-12 and very attractive in a slutty way. I was well rusty in the art of chatting up a female but that didnt seem to matter as she was doing all the advancing. Eventually after mucho dutch courage i went home with her, and boy was I in for a ride,sounds corny but she used me as her toy all night , I thought i was going to have a heart attack, I knew sex with my ex. had gotten stayed but it was never like this! I agreed to see her again the next night and so it began, my horizons broadened more and more every time she fucked me.after a while my mates all told me that I shouldn,t get to involved with this new girl I shall call 'G' as she had a hell of a reputation as the village bike and then some! This kinda made sense as no-one could be that good at sex without a lot of practice, but she was so good looking and i was having so much fun i couldn't stay away. Weeks later the sex was till as good and I thought I'd ask her about her sexual history, sitting at the bar in the local pub I asked her who in the room she had slept with, it turned out that it was quicker to say who she hadn't...much quicker! i dont know why but this kinda turned me on, the thought of all these other guys shagging my girl excited me but I didnt say anything as I though I was being wierd. after much cajouling from my mates I thought I should cool it with 'G' before it got messy.

Eventually after a week of not seeing 'G' I called round hers one night, I noticed a car outside but thought nothing of it, she finally came to the door in nothing but her dressing gown, she looked a little shocked, said she was busy and told me to come back in an hour. This I did and she said to me that she didnt think she was going to see me again and was getting on with her life. I told her I missed her puussy and she promtly opened her legs to reveal a well used and red hole. Agian i felt aroused and this time I told her of my strange feelings 'you fucking perve' she said then promtly started to suck my cock and when i was ready she lowered herself onto my cock boy did it feel good , entering her streched messy pussy felt truly fabulous, I can hardly feel your little cock after the one I just had but it will have to do' this turned me on even more, stirring another guys cum with my cock and g being so upfront about it! The shameless tart was loving a second cock of the day even if it was just my little tiddler. after I'd shot my load in her (which didnt take long in her wonderful used and sloppy hole) we got to chatting about my recently discovered perversion!

She confided in me that though she thought the world of me she was struggling to enjoy only my cock as she really did prefer them a little larger, I was strangely not upset by this verbal assault on my 5 inches and told her that im sure we could come to an arrangement that would satisfy us both. What might that be then? she asked knowingly. I reckon we could have the perfect relationship here, you could never be faithful to a single guy , just look at your past... and it seems im some kinda perve that wants his wife to fuck as many guys as she needs, we are a match made in heaven! I then started to formulate a plan as to how to get this crazy idea into reality. after me spouting of a few ideas, like going through a swingers club or such like, G said fuck all that hassle why dont I just go down the local this saturday and pull someone? I'll bring him back to my place and fuck his brains out upstairs while you listen in the lounge no doubt wanking you tosser lol! this sounded like a much simpler plan certain to deliver to all involved! after a little discussion (one of the strangest a loving couple can have i guess) it was arranged that G would hide a video camera on the wardrobe and leave her back door open so that I could sneak in and listen to the goings on as they happened. All this made me as stiff as a cock could get so after yet another amazing shag lasting most of the night we awaited saturday night.

Saturday evening arrived and boy was i horny even G seemed especially turned on by the hole idea as she shaved her pussy I fingered her and helped her dress and generally prepare for the evening of fun! Are you sure about this? she asked, after all it is a bit wierd! I assured her that I was never more sure about somthing in my life.... What about you dear? I asked, is it bothering you? Fuck no! she laughed, I'm looking forward to it, being unfaithful with none of the hassles, plus ive got an idea who I'm gonna pull and hes got a fantastic cock and knows how to use it! Finally the time came for her to make her way out so I had a final grope and a long kiss as she strutted off down the road in one of her tartiest outfits including suspender and stockings with no panties and her highest heels.Try not to behave darling! I shouted to her as I scuttled of into her back garden to await the nights kinky events.

To cut a long sory short after what seemed like an eternity I heard the front door and through the curtain I could see G stumble into her house looking fairly pissed with a guy a bit younger than me eagerly following G close behind with a very big smile on his face and a quite visible bulge in his trousers that G didnt hesitate to point out to him! She asked him to pour a drink while she sneaked upstairs to start the camera, she returned shortly after removing her little black dress and from the bottom of the stairs she boldly asked if he was up for a fucking good session? seeing G in her natural environment of pursuing cock was wonderful she was made for the task, a better slut you couldnt find and without ado they dissapeared upstairs hand in hand. again after a lifetime of waiting (about half the night!) they emerged she ushered the guy out the front door saying to the guy that he had to leave now as she did in fact have a boyfriend now and that they had spent longer than she thought fucking and I might be back soon and she didnt need the hassle lol!

As soon as the front door had shut I leaped into the room and G proudly sat on the sofa, parted her legs only to reveal the messiest creampie I had ever seen, she asked if i liked what I could see and i promtly inserted nearly my hole hand into her hot pussy and told her that she was fantastic and that I wanted nothing more than to live this lifestyle for the rest of my life and she confided to me that she was kind of hoping that i might say somthing like that as shed always had problems being a one cock girl and our way seemed so much better all round!

this all happened about 13 yrs ago, G is now a very sexy 36 and has been shared with many other guys over the years and neither of us have tired of the lifestyle, for me there is still nothing better than knowing that your wife enjoys extra marital cock and likes nothing better than to feed me their cum from her pussy as she tells all of what shes been up too. And as for for G she still cant get bored of having a healthy following of guys paying her all the attention she deserves.