Written by Gill

23 Jun 2019

Hi, first time of writing so bare with me, we got married in the mid 70,s usual pre marriage sex, he would finger me in the car, cinema, park, or anywhere we could find.

I would wan k him off but intercourse came later, this was in mostly semi public places.

He seemed to get a kick out of other people around, I thought nothing of it at the time as this is what people in our position did back then.

One evening in the car after a lot to drink, he asked me if I ever masterbated, yes thinking of our times together, do it now,somehow it didn't shock me I moved around and opened my legs, pulled my dress up last my stockings and moved my knickers over and started wanking,he soon was doing the same, I came very quickly as I had never seen a man do this on his own, he asked me to finish him off in my knickers I pulled them off and wrapped them around him and watched the come seep through.

We married and a couple of years later our sex life like many couples seemed to go off the boil, he got into videoing me wankin g myself, in the car, and other places, and said he would like to see me with another man wankin g me.

This at first shocked me but after some thought aroused me while being filmed, and made me come quickly,the down side was I had to find the man, not easy as you think, the only chance I had was at work, as you can realise I will do anything for him, our firm had a dinner dance and we both went, I danced with a few colleges just friends,but my husband got turned on watching me,I said one of the dancers had held me and I could feel a slight erection against my leg, dance with him again and turn him on.

I went to the dance floor and gave him a smile and he came over, the music changed to a slow one, we talked but he pushed closer and I moved against him, his erection got bigger and I made no move to pull away.

My knickers were starting to get damp, feeling his erection and knowing my husband was watching,my hand moved between us and I have it rub, he smiled, he suggested we got some air in the gardens, ok I'll see you in about 30minutes.

I explained to my husband and he said let's go now and find a good place, we found a bench not to public with trees and bushes opposite where he could watch. He went out of site but had a good view of me, my new friend arrived and sat down and waisted no time kissing me and feeling my breasts through my dress, I felt his erection again, giving him the go ahead. His hand soon went under my dress and to my knickers I opened my legs for better access his fingers were soon in me and I was wankin g him, he said he careful, my knickers were by my thighs and I soon came, I remembered what I had done with my husband, I slid them off and he came with them wrapped around him.

We straightened up and he said we should get together again and I agreed, he left and my husband came and sat me,was that good for our first try, yes fantastic, he told me to put my knickers back on, as he wanted to fuck at home with his come still wet, will tell you of our next meeting.