Written by Christine

14 Sep 2009

Sorry about that, but neighbours always want to know what you have been up to if you have been away for any length of time.

Right back to the party, if you remember we were talking to Jasmine, and she was asking what it felt like to be fisted, as Allen's mouth was being drawn towards her large aureole and nipples, as his mouth closed around one of her small breasts and started to suck on the teat, I said that if she liked I would attempt to get my hand up her cunt, as I had seen a photo of it full with two fairly large dildos, I was of the opinion that my fairly small hand would have no problem. Allen's mouth and tongue were starting to have an effect and Jasmine relaxed and laid back opening her legs and allowing me to get my head into range and enabling me to get my tongue at work again on to her clitoris and fanny flaps. Jasmine was soon responding to the both of our attentions, and I started to slip my fingers one at a time into her cunt, she was soaking wet and fully open, so much so that four fingers went in with no problem, I folded my thumb into the palm of my hand and gently pushed my knuckles past the entrance of her cunt. As my hand slide in wrist deep, she gasped and started to cum with an almighty shudder. Christ almighty it had taken me weeks and weeks of gentle fingering to get my fist up myself, and at the first attempt she had taken my hand straight up her, as I continued to fuck her with my fist, I could see her slowly engulfing the end of Allen's cock and starting to work her mouth down its length, soon she had swallowed its entirety, nearly eight inches of hard thick cock was down her throat and my hand was more than wrist deep in her, I was starting to wonder if they would meet somewhere in the middle. I could now see what Margaret had meant about her, she was a natural. She moved her head back and started to bob her head up and down as I continued to fuck her with my hand and resumed sucking and licking away at her clitoris, soon she was on the verge of another orgasm, but Allen beat her to it, starting to cum with an almighty grown as he emptied his balls down her throat, she had hardly stopped swallowing as she started to cum again herself. After she had calmed down, she asked me to delay removing my hand as she wanted to see what her cunt looked like with my arm growing out of her body. Curiosity satisfied, I removed my hand, licked it clean and we continued chatting. I was told that, her sex life and the way she lived her life was her way of getting revenge on her family, they had no idea where she lived, but they were regularly sent copies of photos of Jasmine being fucked, both by men and women.

While we were talking, the other new people arrived, this was the 'menage'. Richard was about sixty, tall, graying and walked with the aid of a stick. The next to arrive into view was a guy aged about thirty, again tall, but well-built, and slightly swarthy in appearance, he was followed by a woman, mid-fifties, fair hair, about 5ft 5-6 inches tall, size14 or so, but she had one of the most enormous pair of tits I and I would imagine everyone else had seen, they were at least a 48 or more, and God alive knows what cup size. (Later I was to find out that Adele was a 52H). Sid did the introductions and we then learnt that the other guy was their driver/handyman (oh that's what they call it then), and that his name was Memmet, he was a Turk, which explained his swarthy appearance. I was curious to find out more and along with my new friend Jasmine we went off to chat with the newcomers. Sid had taken their coats and given them a drink and we sat down with them a started to find out more about them. Richard was upfront about his problem, he was impotent, and Adele had needs, hence Memmet, he enjoyed watching them and taking pictures of them in action, and this was the next stage. Adele had removed her dress and was now being fondled by several of the other men. I never found out who made her under-ware, but it must have cost a bomb. Her bra held her tits up, but did little to hide them and her cleavage was simply enormous, you could have lost your head in there. As she was slowly and gently fondled, she was slowly lead away onto one of the futons and divested of the rest of her undies until she was clad in only her stockings and high-heels. For a women of her age, she was well preserved, only a slight thickening of the waist, and her tits did sag a bit, but Christ at that size what did you expect. As various hands and mouths descended on the tits and fanny, several cocks were presented to her hands and face, and soon Adele had been welcomed in the approved Sid's party fashion, a cock up your cunt and one down your throat. Several of us girls had started to chat to Memmet, and soon he was stripped to just his trousers, as Jasmine snogged away at his face, Margaret and myself divested him of his remaining apparel, he was not the greatest wit in the world, but we now saw what Adele could see in him. Memmet had the biggest cock,( and still does) I have ever seen, soft it was bigger than the largest one I had seen before, and I had seen and fucked a lot of cocks. As Margaret and myself started to lick and fondle it, it started to slowly straighten and expand to its full glory, God, but was it big, I had to get a tape on this, fully grown it was just over ten and a half inches long and nearly three inches thick, with a knob on it like a tangerine. I had to try it, but was worried that I would not be able to get it in. Sure I might be able to take a fist but hell this cock was fucking huge.

I started to lick the end, but could barely get the end of his knob in my mouth it was so large, i was sopping wet with anticipation, and open my cunt with my left hand and gingerly started to lower myself over his erection. As he entered me I gave a gasp, I had never been stretched this much by a cock. I glanced down and found that I had only about 3-4 inches in me, with about 6 or more thick inches to go, but I was determined to go for broke, and starting raising and lowering myself up and down on that huge pole. It seemed to take forever, but eventually I felt my arse touch his stomach and I had taken the lot. FUCK WAS I FULL, I felt as if the end of his cock was between my tits, to this day I do not know how I managed it that night. Memmet has fucked me many times since but that first time was simply amazing. I started to cum almost as soon as I reached base, and as I calmed down I was rudely pulled of his cock and was replaced by another greedy cunt. Memmet had every woman lower herself onto his pole that night, but only two manage to take the lot. Margaret and myself, (Adele does not count, she was used to it the lucky bitch).

We left Sid's just after mid-night for the journey home, it was good to be back in the swing of things again, I had been fucked several times and to my joy had managed to suck off and swallow several amounts of cum, one mouthful is never enough for me. We had arrainged to return at the next convenient time and this time e we would return to Brian and Margaret's. Party at Brian's, new staff at work and Adele shows us her playroom.