Written by allen buelah-Christine

1 Jun 2009

When I left you all last time, I had attempted to allow Sue to 'fist' me but had failed miserably due to nerves on my part. She had got four finger knuckle deep, when I had glanced down panicked and pulled myself back. You may well ask yourself , why?, the answer to that is that I do not know. Sue did not have big hands and I had inserted far bigger things up me. So that on Monday morning, bright and early I was outside our local naughty shop locking for a new toy to practise with, I was looking for the fattest thing in the shop. If I could manage that, then Sue's hand would be no problem. Bugger it wouldn't you know it no doing, so a trip to the old standby the green-grocers was called for. In the past they had provided some nice fat cues, and one would have to do now. Success was at last achieved and I returned home to get a little pussy stretching in before Derek returned with some new photos he had taken at the weekend, particularly of me and Sue together. When he let himself, I was in the kitchen, skirt up legs akimbo with my new green friend well inside me, God did I feel full, but as soon as I removed it and asked him to put as many fingers up me as the width of the cue, the same problem, I froze and could not manage anywhere as much. This was getting frustrating, Sue would be at work until the evening, so I could nit even pick her brains for advice on my little problem. That evening, I spent a good hour talking to her, whilst trying to get as much of my hand up myself, but as usual as soon as it appeared that I would get past the knuckles and the whole of it would be inside me I panicked and pulled back. All she could advise was to persevere and to on keep trying.

Whilst I was on the phone Derek had popped out to see someone about some 'business', little did I know that the someone was Allen, and the business concerned next weekend. We were busy with a wedding Saturday and a Christening on Sunday, but had Friday evening free, I was due 'on' on Sunday or Monday so would be 'Hor d' combate' until the next weekend, Sue, was due Saturday or Sunday, so that would be convenient for the pair of us. They were due to return the visit to us, but with what was being cooked up, this would go by the board. Allen had phoned a few people that they knew, and had arranged a surprise party for me, it would consist of the four of us, and depending on baby-sitter availability, up to four other couples. Friday afternoon and the phone rang at the shop, Derek answered it and told me that We would have to go to Allen and Sue's that evening as they had a problem with their car. I had,been no more successful on the hand front than I had been at the beginning of the week. I was convinced that I would never be able to experience the feeling of a hand up me that others had, and that perhaps I was wasting my time trying. I had however had a great deal of fun with an over large cucumber and a great deal of cock-sucking. We arrived as expected about 8.30, and noticed three strange cars parked in their cul d'sac, but I thought nothing of it, after all they were not the only people who could have visitors.

We rang the bell, and Sue let us in, we were lead past the dining-room, (which for some reason had the door shut) into the living-room Were I soon figured out that something was a foot as the dining table and chairs were in there. ' All right what's going on?' I asked, and turned round and headed for the dining-room, opening the door, before I could be stopped I was confronted by a naked Allen and Three other couples also naked, apart from the ladies who were clad in either stockings and suspenders or just hold-ups. Before I could comment, I was lifted off my feet, and various hands started to divest me of my clothes, when I was reduced to my stockings a glass of wine was pressed into my hands and I was allowed to look around. Now I knew why the dining-room furniture was in the living room, the floor was covered by two double mattresses, cover with a large sheet made out of two doubles machined together. We were soon joined by Sue and Derek also stripped for action and when we were all together, the introductions were started.

First off there was John and Pat, a bit older than us, John was about 50 with Pat a year or two younger. They had known Allen and Sue for about four years, and we were told did straight swaps, Pat was not AC/DC, but like cock and a lot of it.

The second couple were called Keith and Barbara, he was late 30s, she a bit younger, and according to Sue who was doing the intros, 'very bi' and Sue had know her (in every way possible) for about two years. Last of all was a couple in their late thirties early forties, Fred and Lorraine, apparently Allen and Fred had worked together in the past, and had known each other for about fifteen years. Lorraine was also apparently not only very bi, but loved cock and could not get enough. I had had a good look at what were obviously going to be my new potential lowers as the intros were made. Well John had a nice cock about 6" but reasonably thick. Pat was about a size 14 or so with a nice pair of tits, but they would be out of touch, she did not like women. Keith seemed a bit on the small side for me, but Barbara looked all right, jet black hair, shaved fanny, with very prominent, inner fanny flaps, small boobs, about a 34b, but huge nipples, and as I had been told very AC/DC. What about Fred, well you may ask, he had a huge cock, at least 9/10 inches and wide, he I was definitely going to fuck, and Lorraine looked a bit of all right too.

After the intros were completed, we all sat around drinking, it would have seemed like any other party hod it not been for the fact everyone was naked and an awful lot of groping was going on. As I was looking round at all the new goodies on display and deciding who I was going to fuck first (Allen, then Fred I think, may-be a double). I felt fingers stroking between my thighs, then others on my boobs, as I glanced down, my string of thought broken, Barbara put her face between my legs and started to lick me, at that moment Sue and Lorraine started to suck my nipples. If all parties are like this, then I'm definitely up for more. I felt myself being lowered down onto the mattress, and then Lorraine, left my nipples to Sue's tender mercies and moved herself into position and lowered herself down onto my face so that I could start to lick her out. If someone had told me at the beginning of the month that I would have had any tendencies for lesbian love, I would have laughed in their face. But here I was being eaten out, having my nipples alternatively squeezed and sucked and about to start eating a cunt I had never even seen before today, and I was loving it. I soon started to fell that old familiar feeling building up in me and I did not think that Lorraine was far off when she started to cum on my face, this tipped me over the edge, and I started to orgasm as well. When we calmed down we separated, and had a quick drink. as I was finishing my drink, I noticed that Barbara was being fucked by her husband and Keith, but that my husband, Allen and Fred were all sporting nice hard erections and were giving me strange looks. Before I could move, Sue, with help from Lorraine and Babs had grabbed me and got me into position for the three men, in what seemed to be no more than the twinkling of an eye, all of them had penetrated my body, Allen in my mouth, Fred,(oh thank you God up my cunt and my husband up my arse. With very ones encouragement, they then slowly started to fuck me, gently gathering pace until they had got a nice rhythm going. Christ soon I was in what seemed to be an on going orgasm, as I tried to gasp breath around Allen's cock as he moved back, I felt Fred's monster push forward into my greedy spasming cunt, but as he started to pull back I felt my husband push back up my arse, It seemed to take only minutes before I exploded in a massive orgasm. Even as that was subsiding I felt another starting, then the bastards all changed holes and it started all over again. They must have fucked me sold for about 15 to 20 minutes, pausing every time they felt that they were going to cum, eventually they took mercy on me and pulled their cocks out of my body, even when they were gone I was still cumming, a hand brushing my arm would set me off, my senses were so hyper. The girls looked like the cat that had got the cream, the bitches were grinning from ear to ear. Sue then broke the silence, 'Well you did ask what it was like! only Pat hasn't experienced that now, but we think she's saving it for a special anniversary'. As I calmed down I noticed that there was not a great deal of sexual activity going on, just a git of gentle fondling or sucking but nothing heavy, I should have realised. After about half an hour I was approached by John who started to lick my pussy and as I started to respond, he turned me over on to my knees and gently started to fuck me doggy style, Keith then appeared at my face and offered me his cock to suck, it was only about 4"", 'Christ' I thought, 'no wonder Barbara is a keen swinger, she needs something a bit better than that'. Soon both the men and myself were approaching an orgasm, as I started to cum, Keith started to spurt into my mouth, rapidly followed by John, as I swallowed Keith's spunk and felt him start to soften, he with drew, and I felt my mouth stretched by Fred's monster cock, as I got used to the size and started to suck this new cock I felt John pull out of my cunt only to be replaced by another one, 'Shit, the bastards a giving me a gang-bang and I didn't even suspect'. By now I was too far gone to worry and just relaxed and enjoyed it, I then felt the cock in my cunt stiffen a fill me with more cum, ' Bugger, Derek, you could have waited for me' I thought, but as he withdrew, he was replaced by Allen, 'Oh there is a God' I thought, the two biggest, thickest cocks there, and all for me'. Eventually after about another 10 minutes or so of heavy fucking, and two orgasm's on my part, they cam. Fred must have been saving it for days, because I could not swallow it fast enough and it ran down my chin. Allen fill my overflowing cunt and as he withdrew from me I felt a mouth clamp round my cunt lips and start to hoover three lots of cum out of me. I looked over mu shoulder to see Sue sucking my cunt with Lorraine and Babs waiting to share it with her. As I slumped down on the mattresses, I noticed the state of the sheets, they were soaked in fanny juice and cum, 'good job we all had washing machines' I thought. I was slowly starting to get my breath back when Sue said, 'That you asked what a gang-bang is like, well that just a small one, when you feel up to it, we will arrange a proper one at Sid's place, and you decide what will happen to you. With that we all showered in turn, and said our good-byes and left. We stayed at Allen and Sue's but I was too knackered to do any more, I laid there and watched as Allen and Derek slowly licked and fingered Sue to sleep. The next day was a busy one for us, and we left after breakfast, and next Sunday was to be at our place, no messing about this time, Unfortunately on Tuesday events occurred that change all of our lives for ever.