Written by neighbour15

9 Jul 2010

I was up early the next day,Tuesday,showered,shaved and spotless.Wearing shorts,no pants and a button up summer shirt,I was hoping to avoid too much washing.I went into the garden and moved my chair and table as close to the hedge as I could.With any luck I would get an even closer view than yesterday.I took my coffee out just afte nine and waited.I wasn’t disappointed.

Amy came out a few minutes later dressed in vest top and shorts again.I unzipped my shorts in anticipation and slipped my right hand inside.She turned the lounger more to face me,saw that I was there,waved and smiled.Turning side on to me she pulled the top over her head,her tits rising then swaying with the movement,her nipples standing out rigid.Then she turned away from me and pushed her shorts down slowly revealing a well rounded arse.She putting on a show for me and I was enjoying it.

She lay down on the lounger facing towards me parting her long legs and affording me a good view of her cunt covered with a mas of dark hair.

I assumed she was waiting for Mac or her boyfriend to join her but she was obviously in the mood and started without them.She started running her hands over her body,down her sides,between her legs then back up to cup her tits and began squeezing her nipples.Eyes closed and moaning softly she let her hands wander almost as they wanted to then with her left hand working on her tits the right moved slowly down her stomach.I was almost ready to burst now and I hadn’t touched my hard cock at all.

Her right hand covered her cunt,then she shifted slightly and slipped a finger inside the parted lips.I had a great view and had no guilt feelings because she knew I was there watching.She groaned louder and slipped a second then third finger inside herself.

I was being treated to a special view of a sexy young woman pleasuring herself.My instinct was to jump through the hedge,ignore any pain in doing so and join her.

Amy stopped working on herself and looked across at me and made a wanking movement with her hands.I stood up,dropped my shorts and undid my shirt.I faced her and began stroking my rampant hard cock.She licked her lips and started finger fucking herself again.I wanked myself in rhythm with her ,both of us panting ,Amy moaning louder and louder until she came long and loud.I stopped and watched her,she seemed out of it for some minutes as she shuddered with each wave of her orgasm.

She the sat up and I guessed she wanted to see me.Well she was going to.I was too far gone not to oblige.I stroked long and slow,just how I like it and felt myself cumming.I shot several long spurts of spunk out onto the ground with an intensity I had never known before.Amy licked her lips again.Both of us just looked at each other and smiled.We had both had tremendous orgasms and not even touched each other.

Amy lay back contentedly on her lounger and closed her eyes.I cleaned the last drops off my shrinking cock ,dressed and finished my coffee.

It was only nine thirty.How could the day get any better?

‘Any coffee for me?’Amy asked through the hedge.I looked up,she was still naked.