29 Apr 2017

It was a few days after the incident which led to a new gentleman showing interest in my wife that she picked out the phone number from her handbag and in her own words, decided that she would like to meet him for a chat in more relaxed circumstances. Hesitating before she called then number but frustrated that it went onto voicemail she just asked him to call her back. Within two minutes she heard his voice and he asked 'is that Liz?' She said it was and they had a short and trivial conversation about virtually nothing and then she said 'I might as well come out with it, would you like to meet me for a drink and chat?' He hesitated and then said 'Yes that would be lovely' After a bit of diary organising they set a date for four days later before deciding where would be a convenient point and they arranged a pub about halfway between each of them.

The intervening period was spent mostly texting with increasingly sexual undertones. I was kept in the loop as Liz told me he had asked if she ever wore stockings and suspenders because they were his undoubted favourites, saying how feminine they made a woman look. She had told that men should maybe not be looking unless invited. He then asked if he was invited. She said 'Wait and see' So it continued until the evening they were to meet. She got a text that he was just setting off, almost an hour before their agreed time. She said he was worse than me for being on time. I said he is probably that keen to meet you and at least she would not be kept waiting or stood up. She dressed as I observed her doing her hair after a long soak in the bath and had laid her clothes out on the bed. Her underwear was in white and the stockings nearly nude, covered by a wrap over dress and three inch heels holding her legs in a tantalisingly sexy shape. I approved and slipped my cock out to show it was happy with her attire, growing as I said how sexy she looked. I had her keys ready and the car screen spotless, she gave me a kiss and said 'See you later'

Her drive took around forty minutes and she had received a text telling her he was in the pub and eagerly awaiting her arrival. He was not to be disappointed as a few minutes later she was getting out of the car and walking into the pub looking very fresh and feminine.

He gave her welcoming kiss and bought her a drink, they sat in a quiet corner away from the few other customers. Small talk and a few sexy comments from him, Liz relaxing as they discussed various local things and their various stages of life and what had brought them to this meeting. He mentioned the stockings and she grinned and lifted the hem of her skirt to display the straps on the suspender belt. He visibly stared and groaned a low grow of utter approval and said she looked gorgeous. He went to touch but she stopped him saying 'Not yet, I am not really quite ready' he shrank back disappointed, but then she said 'I did say not yet, but it will be soon I think' Excusing herself, she went to the ladies and came back a couple of minutes later, he was watching her and smiling as she sat again having also bought them a drink from the bar.

As he picked his drink up she opened her handbag and deposited a white scrap of material against his glass as he replaced it on the beermat. Her thong was in his hand. His eyes lit up. Liz looked around and, satisfied, she slipped her hem high enough for her trimmed cunt to be seen by him, opening her legs and allowing a lingering flash of her pussy lips she held it for a few seconds, long enough for him to drink in the details of the promise and then she demurely replaced her dress to a normal position for being in public. They had been there for over an hour before they agreed that the next time they met, some fun could be enjoyed mutually.

In the car park they kissed a lot more energetically and he fumbled beneath her dress and managed to slip two fingers inside her. She allowed him and also took a stroke of his cock over his trousers then a car entered the car park and she called a halt before they drove past. A goodnight kiss and a nice aroma on his fingers that he said he would be sniffing all the way home. She told him his wait would be worth it, gently rubbing his erection then getting in her car and driving away.