21 Mar 2019


At the age of seventy eight I’ve kept myself fit and look younger than my years. I recently moved into a sheltered housing complex which has been downgraded to tenants housing for those over the age of fifty five.

Of the forty flats only six are occupied by single males while the rest are occupied by single females. Most are widowed or separated. It didn’t take long for word to get around that I was a dab hand at DIY. Calls from numerous females requiring jobs done in their homes ranged from simple electrical problems, tuning in TV sets to putting up shelves.

All were very polite and felt safe with me going about their home. One particular female called me to her home on a Saturday morning to hang a picture for her. She had been out drinking with her friend the night before and was still suffering from the effects of too much alcohol.

We had a cup of tea and she started talking about her past sex life and how she hadn’t been with a man for a number of years. I listened to her stories and decided to make up an excuse to leave. I was unsure where this was leading and perhaps she would regret what she was telling me once she had fully sobered up.

A few days later she called me again to tune in her new TV set. As I was leaving she began to rub my back, saying how clever I was at being able to do the various repairs. My turn, she said. What do you mean? I asked. Your turn to rub my back, she replied.

Rubbing her back over her thin blouse, I could feel that she was bra-less. Mm, she purred, rub harder. I pressed my fingers harder into her back. Suddenly her blouse was open and she begged me to rub her naked back. How could I refuse?

I massaged her back for a few minutes then she turned around quickly exposing her naked breasts. They were magnificent, just a nice handful with long hard nipples. Suck them, she whispered, squeeze them and suck them. The softness of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples were causing a reaction to my manhood.

As I sucked her nipples she moaned softly while reaching down and stroking my hard on over my pants. Let’s get into bed, she panted. Are you sure you want to do this? I asked, worried that there may be consequences. Yes, Yes, come on, I need cock.

Her blouse was discarded along with her skin tight pants leaving her naked in front of me. My clothes followed hers as we both climbed onto her large King size bed. Her bush was neatly trimmed and I was soon savouring her pussy juices as I flicked her pussy lips with my tongue.

I was amazed how tight her pussy was as I slid my raging hard cock into her soaking entrance. One push and my cock was embedded up to the hilt in her naked pussy. We fucked slowly for a few minutes before she decided to change position where she was on top of me, her naked tits and nipples dangling in my face.

She took control and began riding my cock harder and harder, grinding her pussy down my shaft as her tits swung back and forth slapping my face on their forward movement. I slapped her naked arse and sucked on her nipples.

Unable to hold on any longer my cock twitched as my cum erupted into her naked pussy. She gripped my cock with her pussy muscles, milking every last drop from my throbbing cock.

With my cock still buried deep inside her she ground her pussy harder and harder against me until her own orgasm shuddered through her naked body.

We lay exhausted clutching each other’s naked bodies, my flaccid cock slipping from her hot pussy.

After some discussion she assured me that she had no regrets and that I could call on her anytime. I’m not sure whether to call it, a one off , or see where it might lead.