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Just a short one. Maureen had called me round yesterday evening as she said that Alan was in hospital, due to a chest issue. Maureen stated that it was not Covid and that he would be there for the night. As Maureen opened the door for me, she stood there in her silky black dressing gown. We both start deep french kissing with our hands rubbing all over our bodies. Maureen removes her dressing gown, to reveal her naked body and lays on the sofa. Inviting me to eat her out. Pulling her pussy open I dive deep in. Sucking and biting her clit as Maureen screamed in agony. I carry her upstairs into her bedroom and lay her down where I began kissing her body and titties. I groaned as I shoved the blunt head of my cock against her pussylips. And then we were fucking. Face to face with her hands all over my chest, I had two handfuls of Maureen's married, ass as I drilled into her married cunt with my rod of steel. Maureen was moaning and sighing in ecstasy rolling her hips beneath me and fucking me like a woman possessed as her wet pussy slapped against me. Pounding her some more as her adulterous screams filled the room, headboard banging against the wall, Maureens finger nails were deep into my ass, I could feel her pussy getting even more wet, as she pulled me down some more I kept going even harder as the headboard was hitting the wall. I was getting closer and closer as we both swapped tongues with each other, Maureen's moans were getting louder and louder as I kept going one big thrust and I then let out a scream of ecstasy as I fill her up. I lay there with Maureen in my arms sharing kisses with her as we both catch our breath.
Written by Stupastar21

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