Written by JP

11 Dec 2015

There was no doubt about it, our sex life had gone a bit stale. Too long together, too much stress, working too long hours - whatever it was (and probably a combination of the lot), it had been reduced to a quickie every few weeks - or even couple of months. I couldn't go on like this but couldn't really think of a way to spice things up that she would find acceptable. The solution came out of the blue when someone was rabbiting on about star signs and Gemini being the twins - and therefore a bit of a split personality. That got me thinking, why couldn't we split my wife's personality? Changing her name (obviously), let's say she's called Angela Jane, and that Angela is the sensible overworked, overtired, non-sexy wife of too many years. Jane on the other hand could be her inner slut who could act with no inhibitions because she didn't really exist - in real life she was Angela. Clearly it couldn't work where we live, but why not when we go away?

We tried it, and it worked! We hadn't agreed totally that we would do it, but I booked us a couple of nights away so she must have had some idea I was planning something. I packed her magic wand vibrator in our luggage, but popped her bullet vibe in the glove box of the car. Heading up the M6 towards the Lakes I suggested she might like to recline her seat and relax, which she tried but promptly complained that she couldn't relax. How do you think Jane would relax, I asked her. Oh she'd probably play with herself until she came was her reply. Ok, Jane, open the glove box, get your bullet out and your jeans and knickers down and get on with it. At first she thought I was joking, then she opened the glove box, took out the vibe and rotated it in her hands for a few minutes before she clearly came to a decision and reclined her seat again.

She lifted her bum and eased her jeans and knickers all the way down to her ankles, spread her cunt lips and slowly started to stroke herself with the bullet. It was clearly having an effect as she started to sigh and clamp her legs together before she undid her blouse and pulled her bra up over her tits. I recognised the signs as she slid down in the seat, spread her legs as far as she could, closed her eyes and used her left hand to play with her right tit. I was rock hard, half watching her, half driving and also looking out for a lorry in the inside lane. Eventually I came alongside one and slowed down to match his speed. He must have wondered what I was doing as he looked down and probably got the shock of his life. There was Jane with legs akimbo, cunt lips engorged and spread and a vibe alternating between her clit and her pussy. She was lost in a series of mini cums and had no idea she had an audience as she gradually increased the speed with which she rammed the vibe into herself then back up and over her clit. Her cunt was making slurping noises, she was moaning and building to a big orgasm as she bucked her hips and writhed around in her seat - eventually screaming out and arching her back and thrusting her cunt forwards as she came massively. A couple of blasts on the air horn from the lorry was my signal to speed up and get away from there as she slowly came down from her high.

When we got to the hotel we wasted no time at all getting checked in and up to our room before I was ripping Jane's clothes off, pushing her onto the bed with her bum in the air and taking her very hard and fast from behind. It wasn't subtle and was over far too quickly, but we both came together and it was just what we needed. For the rest of the weekend Jane tried a number of different positions, gave me early morning blow jobs, put on a very dirty show with her magic wand and even let me stick a couple of fingers up her arse - previously a complete no go area. We returned home to find Angela her usual world weary self, albeit with a bit of a gleam in her eye as she thought about what Jane had been up to over the weekend. We've booked to go away again in January - just Jane and I again - and I've told her that her virgin arse is going to be mine that weekend. Even Angela began to show a bit of interest in that - I'll keep you posted!