Written by Pete

21 Feb 2019

My wife Jo and have been married a little over 11 years and have young family 2 boys (13 & 8) and a 4 year old girl. I work hard to provide for my family which I am immensely proud of and Jo works part time and does a fantastic job of raising our children. As is the case with most of our friends, who are in similar positions to us we don’t really get much time for ourselves. Both our parents are more than happy to help out when they can and are always there when we need them. A few months ago we took Jo’s parents up on their offer to look after the kids for the weekend as they were planning a weekend at Centre Parks due to some deal they had on at the time.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity we deliberated on what to do, we are not really drinkers and didn’t really fancy wasting the time just going to the pub or for a meal. I suggested a city break in Edinburgh or London or somewhere and Jo started looking for deals. I got a text message while at work “fancy going Amsterdam?”. I phoned Jo back when I got the chance and she said she had found a really great offer of flights and hotel and thought it would be a change. It was Sat morning flight out overnight Saturday and flight back Sunday evening which sounded perfect.

She went ahead and booked the package which we were both really looking forward to. We arrived in Amsterdam mid Saturday morning and checked in to the hotel which was really nice especially as the deal was so good. We had a wander round the city found a nice café for lunch and a few drinks. We visited a few of the tourist attractions and enjoyed the ambiance of the place. We had a few more drinks with dinner in a really nice restaurant and moved on to one of the bars where we heard a couple similar age to us discussing their tour of the red light district. We had obviously heard the stories of women flaunting in the windows and such but we quite enjoyed strolling around, well I did anyway.

We passed a place advertising live shows and I jokingly said to Jo that we should have a cheeky look. I was flabbergasted when she agreed, though on reflection we were both more than a bit tipsy. We got ripped off for an extortionate entrance fee and again when we ordered some drinks but I guess I goes with the territory. We tried to hide out of the way a bit as there were a few rowdy guys who soon got thrown out and were surprised how many couples were in there. There was a slightly raised area where a really sexy looking woman appeared with a couple of guys. They cavorted and performed a bit of a dance routine and strip show then over the next 15-20 minutes they performed all sorts of sex acts together literally just feet from where we were sat. The guys were both ripped and had cocks like rounder’s bats. I said to Jo that I felt sorry for the woman and that I bet she would be sore afterwards. After a while the woman dragged a guy up on the stage and gave him a blow job while one of the guys was having sex with her, we thought that it was a performer pretending to be part of the audience initially but later found out that audience participation was encouraged.

A topless girl came over to us and took another as the show finished and brought us a couple more drinks. Jo and I discussed what we had just witnessed as we had seen nothing like it before. We were quite pissed by that point and they announced that the next show would begin in a few minutes. I said to Jo that we should make a move but she said we should wait and see the next show after all it had cost us quite a bit just to get through the door. I didn’t argue and we watched the next show begin. This show was similar but also different as the performers again a girl and two guys leapt off the stage and moved around the audience. Oh shit I thought as one of the guys migrated straight towards us and the next thing I saw was the guy putting his massive cock in Jo’s hand and grabbing her wrist jerking it to tug his cock. Jo thought it was hilarious and played along. He made her suck his finger which she also took as a bit of fun before heading to someone else. I was quite shocked at Jo’s cool reaction as it was so way out of character. I though, strangely, I found it very arousing which I was also stunned by but put it down to alcohol. We watched the performance and a short time later they headed over towards us again and pulled a chair from the opposite table which one of the guys sat on facing us as the girl theatrically lowered herself on to his cock again just a couple of feet away.

That show ended and the performers disappeared so we had couple more drinks and watched a couple more shows mainly girls parading and shoving all manner of things up themselves and even fucking a couple of the guys in the audience. There was constant stream of mainly guys but still quite a few couples arriving for the big show of the night which was about to start. The compare welcomed the performers out and some were the ones we had seen earlier in the evening some were new. Again they stripped, danced and began with an orgy on the stage. I have never seen anything like it even in porn films and the fact it was happening right before our eyes was surreal. As the show went on some of the performers began moving around the audience again. Jo and I were teasing each other a little and it hadn’t gone unnoticed that I had been sat with a hard on most of the night. As we chatted and watched the show the guy from earlier made beeline straight for us and again was waving his cock around. I almost gasped when he took hold of Jo’s head and the next thing I knew she her hand around his cock and then it was in her mouth.

I could not believe what I was seeing and far from wanting to punch the guys lights out, not that I am saying I could as he was built like a brick shit house, I didn’t want her to stop. I even seem to recall encouraging her I know I told her she was sexy with his cock in her mouth. The guy had a Russian or Eastern European accent and kept repeating “suck my fucking dick” and sort of goading me. Jo didn’t show any signs of resisting him or that she wanted him to fuck off, if anything she seemed to be enjoying it. In that moment my emotions were in turmoil. I was angry, livid even, jealous, excited, aroused and bemused. He eventually released her and headed back on the stage for the last part of the show. “did that really happen?” I asked Jo but she kind of blushed and clamed up. “Don’t worry, that made me so fucking horny” I said. After the show finished we finished our drinks, left and headed back to our hotel. I was horny as fuck and even Jo asked what had gotten in to me. We had a fantastic night and I could have stayed up all night.

The following morning we skipped breakfast and were disturbed making love by the maid which was quite funny in a way. Jo refuses to talk about what went on and says it was “just the moment” but I can’t get the picture out of my head and can’t stop thinking about it. I know this is tame for most on here and I apologise for the long winded account but that’s how I remember that night. I have tried to reassure Jo that I really enjoyed the sight and that we should maybe broaden our horizons as I can’t stop thinking about it but she says it’s a definite no. As I read the stories of guys sharing their wives on here I know exactly how you feel and would love my wife to embrace the idea but she simply won’t consider it….. sadly.