Written by Clairc1978

2 Oct 2019

I’m going to keep my long and very complicated story as simple as I possibly can. I can’t give any names just in case and the fact that I am putting my story on line is in a weird way, my husbands idea who in his words said ‘what you did was like it’s from a bad porn film or something on one of those dirty on line sites’ so, here we are.

My best friend in work is a guy, he’s not particularly handsome but he’s nice. He and his wife never had sex because she it turns out prefers women to men and even though they are good friends there is no intimacy and this made him feel like a failure. My husband and I also hardly ever had sex and so you can see where this is going. He came to visit me in my house for coffee a few times and we ended up in bed. The sex was ok but now mind blowing but it was a good release for us both.

However, my husband came home unexpectedly and caught us fucking. There was a huge argument and that was that. I get why my husband was mad, but he behaved badly and started to blackmail me. I will admit that it was my fault that we didn’t have sex, I just didn’t find that I wanted sex with him, so my punishment at first was sex, several times a week, not that he could manage every day so it was every other day. I would lay there and let him pump away and if I didn’t; then he would tell my friends wife, so I let him. From that we ended up in a hotel room with me naked on the bed just having had my husband cum inside me when a stranger walks in. He had said that he would forgive me if I fucked a stranger and he could watch so I did it and I loved it.

He was unattractive but had a huge cock and fucked me in every way you can think of and for the for the first time in years I had a huge orgasm which I think pissed my husband off. However, that’s not the twist.

I had had enough. I’m 41 and not unattractive, I had a great figure with full firm breasts and even though I say so myself, great legs and a great ass so I knew I could get another man if I wanted so, in the end I went to y best friend and told him I wanted to tell his wife. He shocked me and explained that he had already done so and she was fine with it but wanted to see me.

The date was arranged, and I went round to see my former lovers wife. I was a little surprised to see what she was like. She was tall, muscular and flat chested and I would say , a little plain looking.

She opened the door and invited me in. I wasn’t expecting a nice welcome, after all I had fucked her husband but she was cold and stern. But this meeting led to a new chapter in my life.

At first we had coffee and sat on the sofa with her husband ( my friend) on a chair next to us. It was clear that she loved her husband and that it was just a fact that she had opened up about being gay which had obviously changed things.

She grilled me, what made me think it was ok and do I fuck all my friends and so on. Then she went from mad to serious, she actually said ‘ I don’t know whether to slap you or fuck you’. I said I wasn’t like that and wasn’t into women, she told me that she ‘didn’t give a fuck what I was into’. Then she told me that she wanted to see ‘what all the fuss was about’. I wasn’t sure what she meant until she put her hand just under my neck and slid her hand down to my cleavage.

I looked over at her husband who just shrugged his shoulders. I was expecting her to slap my face for having sex with her husband and to be honest I was a little scared of her.

Then she starts undoing my blouse. I went to stop her but she shouted at me ‘don’t’ and told me I could leave but I would never get to see her husband again. She opened my blouse and pulled my bra strap down until my breasts fell out.

Then I just sat there whilst she massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples. I will be honest with you, I was finding it quite erotic. I think it was because I felt I had to let her and therefore I wasn’t’ doing it out of choice that made it easier.

I sat there whilst she lifted my breast and put it in her mouth and gently started to suck me. Then her pulled her top off. She had very small breasts but large nipples. She ordered me to suck her as well, so I did.

She undressed herself so show that she was wearing a rubber cock. She undid my jeans and told me to pull them down. I did as I was told.

Then with a grin on her face she said, ‘now let’s see what all the fuss is about’ and with that she entered me.

It was amazing, the sex was liberating and erotic and satisfying. I opened my legs and lay there whilst she fucked me like her husband would, gripping my breasts and pumping hard. She called to her husband to come and show her what we do. He undressed and the two of them pulled me to the floor. For the next hour I had the most amazing satisfying sex of my life, climaxing over and over, her pulling out of me so he could cum inside me and let her back in. That letting her fuck me like a woman, I lay there and allowed her to eat her husband cum from me, then to grind her pussy against mine and for the first time I tasted another woman’s love juice.

We sucked and touched each other and I let my lover, her husband enter me again and cum inside me again whilst his wife sucked my nipples hard and even when he was deep inside me she would push her fingers into me and the two of them would be inside me which made me cum even harder.

And when she was finished, I was told that I would need to be punished at least once a week. Now, I no longer have to have sex with my husband or his friends, I go to my lover’s house once a week to be punished. And the rough violent sex is wonderful.

As soon as I walk in she grabs me, sometimes by my hair and drags me to the floor of her bedroom and pulls my clothes off and she has me with her husband. Even I get turned on by my breasts bouncing whilst one the other is inside me. I love laying there after we have finished and have one on either side running their tongue over my hard and sensitive nipple which usually leads to another fucking.

I am turned on thinking about it whilst I write, thinking of being on my knees sucking his long cock whilst she fucks me doggy style or just finger fucks me whilst, I suck off her husband.

By the time I leave I am exhausted, I have been fucked almost to death and every toy you can think of have been inside every part of my body.

And I keep it all from my husband. He knows I’m friends with ‘his’ wife so he has no hold over me. I still let my husband into me now and again and I cum thinking of my other fuck friends.

I am daring myself to go to a hotel and pick up a stranger to fuck, I wasn’t to be a slut, a whore and fuck strangers cocks and ride strangers pussies. If I do I will be sure to tell al because I have cum just telling my story.

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