Written by Jon

2 Jul 2014

We are a married couple our kids are off our hands so free to do much as we like after a few holidays and other things some how we decided we would join this site

After getting a advert together we got loads of replies

It was from that we did meet another couple we where all around the same age mid forties and there situation is much the same as ours, the difference is they are experienced and we not

In a way it was good we meet Sue and Paul they helped a lot to get over our awkwardness of being new to this, any way we been seeing each other for about six months and became friends so its more than jest the swapping thing now we go to each others houses we have also meet each others lets say norm friends, what we do behind closed doors is our business

We trust each other now more so than we ever did in the years we been together its much the same with Sue and Paul, I did have a worry when we started this if Jacky my wife went with a very well hung guy would she still want my average dick also would I mach up to other blokes, well Paul is bigger not much longer but a lot wider Jacky loves his cock she said it really fills her up the first time I think it was a stretch for her after being used to mine but saying that she is still more than happy with mine and Sue never seem to have a problem that I am not as big as Paul

We had sex together and separate rooms I have stayed the night with Sue and and Paul with Jacky, a few thing have happened I never expected one was one night we where all together we had a drink I know, the girls started dancing together more a teas for us, well it was Sue she was getting very sexy with Jacky she was all over her they ended up snogging it was a full on snog, as this happened Sue had a hand under Jacky's skirt I know she had no knicker on, what Sue did in front of us was finger my wife as they stood there more amazing Jacky let her she had her head on Sue's shoulder and parted her legs for her, it took a few minuets but she got her to climax, the show please Paul and me but the thing was Jacky when she cum she kissed Sue with real passion

The next day I joked about it but Jacky said I am going to sleep with Sue and darling I want to do it alone, I had no idea my wife may had a bi side to her

It was a few days later I got a phone call at work it was Jacky she said I am going to take Sue for lunch, I think I said oh that be nice, all she said was I love you and cut me off, I arrived home at five and she came in jest after me, I said that was a long lunch, she smiled and said no it was quite a short one, that evening Jacky was really randy when we went to bed she need fucking when it was over I looked at her she had love bits on both tits and the inside of her thighs, I joked saying are you a lesbian now she smiled saying maybe, there bi thing is now part of our games and they often see each other alone I am happy with that so is Paul

The other thing which is more serious and as far as I know was stared by Paul, he started talking about me letting Jack go black as he put it, he was telling me he had Sue blacked a few times

It keep coming up things like, it don't heart for a wife to try it, what I didn't know was Sue was saying the same sort of thing to Jacky over time I was agreeing with Paul, I was thinking it was jest me and Paul chatting, then one evening on the telly was a black guy and out of the blue Jacky said I could do him a favor, then like a fool I said you should do it one day, before long we where talking about it interracial sex with white women and black men

The next time I was talking to Paul he said I hear you come round to getting your wife blacked, it went from that to Sue and Paul knowing some one it soon when out of my hands it seemed to me it was me and the three of them I wasn't getting a say

We even had a name Lewis a west Indian guy, it went from there to Sue and Jacky going to meet him, Jacky was telling me he is a nice guy very good looking and stuff like that

So I am wondering what happen next