Written by seb

1 Aug 2013

Koko's friend Katja was there when I dropped in. Tall, leggy Czech with long blonde hair. Probably 36-24-37. Matelot blue and white leggings, white platform boots, white crop top. Very attractive. She was just leaving. Naked underneath again? Evidently yes. Tea and fuck. And what a fuck. I came twice filling her at both ends.

Afterwards she asked, "What do you think of Katja?" "Awesome", I said.

"My strap on mate and she said yes".

A week later it was set up. I dropped in Koko and Katja were talking but looking very sexy, Koko in a figure hugging, zip-fronted, short matelot dress, Katja in the tiniest, tightest cheeky red shorts and, this time, a tight navy crop top.

It could have been embarrassing but they relaxed me by sitting me and my hard on between them on the sofa. There was no need to worry what to do and to whom. Koko pulled my t-shirt off and started to climb down my throat whilst Katja went in for mound building working on my cock and balls now pressing hard against my jeans. I'd never been pleasured by two women and it was fantastic.

I felt my zip being undone. Down they were pulled followed by my pants. Out sprang my cock. Then I was getting a four handed double blow job. Katja worked from under my balls tugging my cock to greater length. She had scarlet nails and they looked great working up and down my cock. Koko worked me faster and blew me with the amazing skill I had come to recognise.

"Shall we bring him off?"

"No. Let's tease him wild."

"Lets play. He can watch."

They disappeared into the bedroom. I heard them fall onto it. I stepped out of my jeans and pants and followed them my excited erect member leading me.

They were on the bed kissing. Katja unzipped Koko like a fish revealing Koko's tiny navy panties slipped her fingers in obviously pleasuring her clit. Koko's face said it all. With her other hand she caressed her breasts and I could see her nipples standing proud and firm. The look of joy and gasps of pleasure said it all. She slipped off Koko's panties and kissed her gently from knees upwards to the inside of her thighs where her tongue and lips explored her neatly trimmed black pussy.

Standing across the bed I found I was caressing my own cock gently.

Koko sat up eased off Katja's shorts - no pants - and they lay on their sides head between each others' thighs. It was unbelievably beautiful and gentle. Satisfied sounds came from both. Then Koko reached under the pillow and produced a vibrator. It hummed gently. Katja rolled on her back. I looked down as Koko stroked, teased and slowly fucked her with the wand. Involuntarily I stiffened and picked up speed.

Koko reached under the pillow and got out the strap-on cock. Katja strapped it on. They moved to the foot of the bed. Koko bent over and I could see them reflected in profile as Katja moved forwards thrusting her hips to slide the long, thin, black strap on into what I guessed was a very juicy Koko cunt. In and out, Koko pushing backwards, forwards to meet Katja thrusting forwards, backwards.

Soon, Koko said she wanted the real thing. Coming round to my side of the bed Katja took my cock in her hand put it in her mouth and in a flash had me bursting to get in to Koko.

Koko came too. Both bent over. I slipped in to Koko for several thrusts. Then into Katja. Back to Koko, then Katja. I loved seeing my cock slipping in and out of one whilst the other wiggled the hungry arse at me, begging for attention and fingering her soaking cunt.

I had one load and Koko was going to get it. I rammed faster and faster. Katja came behind me pushing my taught buttocks to bury my cock deep inside Koko. Sounds of balls slapping, of a hungry pre-cummed cock in a soaking cunt, "Oh, come on give me your sperm", from Koko. ""Fill her up. Go on. Go on from Katja". "I'm gonna juice you baby", from me.

I came buried deep inside her. Spunk shot Katja grabbed my hips, pulled me back burying herself between Koko's thighs feasting happily on our mixed juices. Koko turned and licked my cock clean. Their juice covered lips met, kissing and licking each other's mouth clean.

Later that night Koko and I fucked twice more.

"Good day?", she asked.

"Best ever", I said.

"Oh! Is that all?", she said. "I'll have to try harder then."