3 Jan 2018

A bunch of us old friends got together to celebrate a wedding. A few days before the wedding we met up for lunch and drinks at an outdoor, waterfront restaurant. Two of our friends (both lawyers) were going through divorce and some husbandy health issues. We downed what seemed our umpteenth mojito and some pub grub. The conversation moved to the more riské by the lady with the ill husband. She wanted to play a game whereas the ladies in the group would grade each man they saw in terms of Fuck, Make Love and Sex. Well the conversation started getting hotter and even a table next to us joined in. That being said they turned their focus on us two guys.

My friend, slighter built and of average looks was given "F" and the same girl now really getting a bit tipsy said as he walked away..."maybe I should go in an F him as I have never done it in a bathroom" she then said.."OMG I just said that"... we egged her on and she walked toward the bathroom. Needless to say he returned and we sent him back to check on things. 10 minutes and a mojito later they returned chatting...

Everyone hinted at what happened. Well later (another day) we found out that she pulled him into a bathroom stall and give him a blow job. He told me a year later that even though she is not his type a BJ is a BJ and she swallowed.

The day continued and finally our ride came to take us back to our hotel about 30 minutes away. We dropped off the BJ lady and returned to our hotel room. The plan was to go out for a bit to eat. We grabbed some waters and a beer and chatted about the old times. He made no mention of what happened but the conversation continued toward the riské side.

The three of us in the room and we started to play truth or dare riské style. That we did... We finally all three fell to the bed lying there laughing when I kissed my wife and motioned to my friend to kiss her as well. He did ... we both started kissing her on her cheeks, neck and down to her blouse whereas I slowly moved it down to expose her breast. I kissed it, things were heating up. Ofc. as bad timing goes I had to use the men´s room plus I wanted to see where things were going. I headed to the toilet and told them to continue on. I came back to see him massaging her. We played more truth and dare whereas one dare was to grab his cock through his underwear. She did... After a few more rounds of the game I asked her... is he a fuck, make love or... she said..."ahh.. fuck"... I smiled. He was annoyed as he was only worth a fuck. LOL.

Another dare came and he was to make her nipples hard, he did by rubbing his finger softly on them. My dare was to tease her near her crotch to make her excited. I did without touching it. We had a great laugh. I then said... hey why not have a threesome. He smiled, she raised her eyebrows and well it appeared dead on delivery. Then she said what are you waiting for?

She sat between us, we kissed her and fondled her breasts and worked our way down to her panties. My hand went under first she arched her back, he kissed her neck and breasts and started to remove his shirt and I did the same. We changed awkward postions a few times until we had her lay down. I told him to kiss her down there and he quickly moved to her crotch eating her out. She blew me like I have never been before. I started to pull away when she took my cock in her mouth super deep and gave one more suck and I exploded in her mouth. She then swallowed without a blink. I was done... but wanted to see things progress. So I continued massaging her breasts and kissing her.

He then asked her .."do you want it"... she said "yeah I want you both to fuck me..." I was done for the time but agreed to "pretend" the alcohol and blow job were enough for me. He positioned himself between her legs and pulled out his cock. She said she wanted to see it. Next to the bed was a long mirror. She positioned it so we could all enjoy it. I sat there looking at myself while they in the forefront fucked. She leaned up to watch his cock enter her. She then in ecstacy screamed out to fuck her harder. He was more than ready... but seemed to fuck for ever. She grabbed his hips and then pulled him close. He then said I want to do it this way... he turned her over a entered her doggy style while watching in the mirror. I positioned myself in front of her and she started sucking my slowly hardening cock. He pulled on her blonde hair, slapped her ass and asked her where she wanted him to cum. I wanted to see him cum on her back when she screamed up..."don´t cum inside me..." "don´t"... as she continued saying no. He said he would not when he pulled on her shoulders bringing her in close and with one big thrust came. As he came inside her pussy she pushed harder toward his cock and said..."oh I love the feeling of your cock and the warmth"... "OMG"... My dick was so hard now I flipped her over and entered her. It was like putting my dick into the ocean. Wet and full of cum. Odd feeling and I am not sure I came very much. She was pleased and we all fell back to the bed.

We sat there for what seemed forever reliving the moment. Wow... During the course of the evening I felt some movement but did not think much of it until I lifted the blanket to see he put his cock back in her as he slept.

We agreed to keep this a secret and we did. Months later I learned that he had told her when I was in the bathroom of a fantasy he had. He was home with his ex wife sleeping and he was fucking in another room my wife, cumming in her etc.. this turned her on .. I guess.