13 Jun 2016

I'd forgotten about this until the other day when my wife reminded me of our old friend Mavis.

It happened about six years ago. My wife and her friend had gone shopping to buy a wedding outfit so I had the day to myself. I got up quite late, had a shower and slipped on an old t shirt and some joggers, commando style.

I switched on my computer and was looking at some pictures of my friends on flickr. My hand instinctively went down the front of my Joggers and I gently stroked my cock whilst admiring some gorgeous hanging breasts on the screen. It had only been a few minutes when the damned phone rang. It was little old Mavis, our neighbour.

Let me tell you a bit about Mavis. She was a lovely old lady who lived on her own immediately opposite my house. She was nearer eighty years old than seventy and was a semi invalid. She had a bit of trouble with her legs although some days she was better that others. She was a great old dear, every ones Grandma, if you know what I mean. She was very independent but sometimes she needed a bit of help and my Mrs used to do what she could. I said Mavis was a little old lady well that is mostly true. Yes she was old, yes she was little, only 4 feet 10 inches tall. She had slender legs, hips and waist but there the little stopped. She had the most enormous pair of tits I have ever seen other than those false things you can see on the internet.

OK, so Mavis phoned, she was having a bad day and could my Mrs go over a get the flour out of the cupboard for her. She was baking a pie for her dinner and couldn't reach it down. I told her that my Mrs was out but I'd come straight over and help. I popped my slightly enlarged cock back in my Joggers, got the key and went over the road and let myself in. Mavis was in the kitchen sat at the table where she always sits during the day. although Mavis always keeps her huge breasts well supported she always sits with them resting on the table to take the strain off her back and shoulders. The same today except that they weren't strapped up, she hadn't put her bra on that morning, just a thin jumper and they were just flopped on the table in front of her under her jumper. She said she was sorry to be a nuisance but could I just get the flour down for her from the cupboard. No problem, I opened the door and there were two containers of flour there. I turned slightly to ask her which one she wanted and doing so put the view of the outline of my cock under the joggers immediately in her eyeline. She said she wanted the pink one and just reached over and touched my cock. I started slightly with surprise and she went bright red. and apologised. She said she didn't know what came over her and I told her not to worry, no harm done. She went on to apologise more and said that she hadn't seen or touched a man there since her husband died 15 years ago. I told her again it was ok, our secret, did she want to see it and touch it some more. She just nodded her head so I quickly slipped off the joggers and stood right by her. She just looked for a minute then asked if she could touch me. I told her ok and she then started to stroke me and fondle my balls. She had a very gentle touch and soon had me erect. She pulled my foreskin right back and looked hard at my now very hard cock. I asked her if she wanted to kiss it and she said she had never done that before and I told her she wasn't getting any younger and may not ever get another chance so why not. She then did just that and kissed the tip of my cock, then her tongue came out and she explored me with that and finally she parted her lips and took me into her mouth. I couldn't resist her tits any longer and reached down to touch them. They had obviously lost the firmness of youth but they were amazing. I cupped one in my hand and was astounded by it's weight. She let me slip her jumper off so I could see them in all the magnificence, she let me play with them, squeeze them, suck them and I even managed to get her nipples really hard and she moaned slightly as I rolled then between my finger and thumb. She was still stroking my cock, with much more confidence now so I asked her if she wanted to make me come. I said I could come in her mouth but she didn't like that idea so I told her I would come over her tits. She sucked me again to make me really wet and slippery with her saliva and wanked me harder and quicker until I told her I was coming, and come I did four or five long streams of come all over her magnificent mammaries. When I had finished she did lick the last little drop from my cock and said that tasted nice and scooped a bit more from her breasts with her finger and licked it off. I got dressed and got a flannel and towel from the bathroom to clean her up.

She then asked me to help her dress, she hadn't been able to put her bra on cos was in a lot of pain when she got up. I fetched it for her, for the record it was a size 40GG. I helped her into it and back into her jumper. I got the flour down and she said she was making a pie for lunch and would I like to come back and share it. It wouldn't taste as nice as I did but I was welcome. She told me that maybe she knew what she wanted to eat for dessert if there was any left. I went back for lunch and she had her afters.