Written by Daftrucker

28 Jun 2018

Ann came home from work on Friday and I could see immediately she was in pain. After a chat as to what and how she had done it, I said I would call a masseur that I know and see if he could fit her in for a home visit over the weekend. A short call later and it was all sorted for Saturday evening at 9pm.

Around 7 pm I ran a nice warm bath for Ann and poured her a nice glass of red wine and being the excellent husband I am I even helped her into the bath and made sure she was settled and comfortable before leaving her there, I went and sat in the garden for a while enjoying the sunshine with a cold beer, I heard the doorbell ring at about 8.45, and as I was about to go answer it, Ann called out that she was there. A few minutes later, mick walked into our garden followed by Ann, Ann was completely naked apart from a grin, and announced “ well he’s gonna see me naked in a few minutes anyway so what does it matter” fair point I thought. Mick declined a beer but asked for a chilled water, Ann asked for another wine. I said I’d fetch them into the lounge as that’s where mick was going to set up his table for the massage, and I went to the kitchen to sort the drinks.

When I entered the lounge with the drinks, Ann was standing by the fireplace while mick was arranging his table, Ann asked if I minded either staying outside or in the conservatory while she had her massage which obviously I didn’t, I got myself another beer and went and took a seat in our conservatory but with a good view of the massage table, and as Ann climbed onto the table helped by mick, I could see all of her body from the soles of her feet all the way to the back of her head. What happened next rather surprised me though as mick stripped completely just before he started the massage, I don’t think Ann had even realised he was nude to begin with..

Mick warmed some oils in his hands and started massaging Ann from the shoulders, soon enough her back all the way to the top of her ass was glistening with oils and mick was working away, I could hear them chatting but couldn’t make out the actual words, but they seemed to be getting along just fine. Then mick started from the feet heading up Ann’s legs, but as he was now standing at her feet I couldn’t see just how far up her legs he was getting. After a while I saw Ann’s feet were now almost off the corners of the table, so knew even if he wasn’t playing with her he had a damned fine view of it. Mick stepped back from the table and had obviously asked Ann to turn over, as he stepped back I saw he was sporting an erection, not the biggest or thickest Ann or I have seen or played with but it looked as hard as iron.. I saw Ann having a lingering look as she turned over and her smile gave away her pleasure. Mick started again from the feet and massaged her legs and again he soon had her feet planted on the corners of the table, I guessed he was working on her inner thighs and pussy as they were both rather quiet for a while, he then went to the other end of the table and started massaging from her head down, when he massaged her breasts her nipples looked as hard as his cock, clearly Ann was loving the magic of micks hands. Mick then moved to the side of the table and continued massaging Ann’s tummy and down onto her pubic area and upper thighs, I saw Ann’s right hand slide off the table and onto micks cock, she very slowly was stroking him, he never bat an eyelid at her taking hold of his cock, he carried on massaging and was now more focused on her inner thighs and her pussy, he soon had Ann squirming under his touch and her hand movement was getting faster, mick then suddenly stopped and asked Ann to turn over again, as she did so she looked at me sitting watching and winked. I smiled back and we both knew what was about to heppen. Nick was standing at the head end of the table furthest from me, as Ann lay down again mick pulled her far enough forward so her head was over the end, as Ann lowered her head micks cock went straight into her mouth, Ann was a happy little lass now, she was giving him some blow job as he continued massaging her back, he soon had his oiled hands all over her bum and Ann was quick and opened her legs so he had access, her lips were so incredibly swollen, I hadn’t seen Ann that swollen for quite a while.. he was soon fingering her pussy as she continued sucking on his cock, then he really surprised me and started probing her ass hole, she isn’t normally into anal except with me, but she made no effort to stop him, and before long he was using both hands, one fingering her ass the other her pussy, from the grunts and groans from Ann I rather think she was enjoying herself. Mick then asked Ann to climb off the bed and moved her to the side and made her lean forward over it, he continued massaging the area where Ann was sore on her lower back, but was also slowly fucking her from behind, from my position I wasn’t getting a very good view of his cock sliding in and out of Ann so I moved slightly for a better view. His dick was glistening with Ann’s juices and the oils he’d been using, suddenly he pushed Ann down firmly onto the table and with a grunt he was clearly emptying his load deep in my wife’s pussy, when he was done and stepped back, he said thank you to Ann and that he was going to use the shower, as he left the room, Ann smiled at me and said “ come on over here and clean my pussy” I did so with pleasure, and once finished Ann also left the room and went to join mick in the shower..