Written by honeyhole69

24 Apr 2013

The party was a success & I think most of the men & women there came over to give me a kiss to thank me for the party & wish me a Happy Xmas before they left, a couple more asked if we (Matt, Clive & myself) needed any help, but after my earlier fun with Matt & Clive I didn't want to spoil our fun.

Both Matt & Clive were busy tidying up putting the rubbish away & the rest to re-cycle we had some beers left & told them to take them home with them, I went down to open the store room & as I opened the door I was sure there was a smell of sex in the air. The guys carried the tables and chairs down to the store room as I carried some spare plates, cutlery etc, we had soon cleared the room .

We were in the store room & I turned to Matt & Clive who opened a bottle of beer handing it between us to have a drink as Matt locked us in the room, I said thanks to them for their help when they said we hope that's not all we are going to get from you now. I knew what they wanted & in a flash both of them were stood in front of me naked I stood there just looking at them Clive ,muscular, dark skinned with his long & thick cock stirring as he looked back at me as he rolled back his foreskin to reveal the dark head with pre-cum starting to appear from it.

I then looked at Matt his slimmer body but still sculpted showing his six pack, his hairy chest & a slightly shorter, slimmer cock than Clive, Clive said come on Sara we want to see you now so get your outfit off. I stood undid my belt & pulled the outfit off over my head, I heard Matt gasp as I took it off as he now saw me in my suspender belt & matching g-string with my 36E boobs now coming into view, I stood there as Clive said loose the boots as well so I unzipped them throwing them under a chair.

I watched them as they both looked at each other as if they had the keys to a candy shop, then Matt said Fuck ! Sara ! we knew you were hot but your smouldering Girl ! Clive sat down on a chair telling me to get over & suck him again, I got down on all4's held his cock licking it like a giant lollipop as Matt knelt behind me holding his cock rubbing it over my wet g-string as he said I think this should come off now pulling it down my legs I lifted my knees in turn as he threw it to Clive who licked the wet patch on the string.

Then Matt resumed rubbing his cock over my bare pussy, telling Clive Fuck this girl is wet, I could hear Matt moving around behind me when I saw a flash, I stopped sucking on Clive's length to tell him any photos were for there eyes only, Matt replied with Yes M'lady ! taking the piss ! as he pushed the head of his cock against my pussy flaps & gave another push as the head of his cock dipped inside my waiting pussy.

I pushed my arse back to feel more of his cock slip inside me, when he suddenly pushed it deep as I felt his balls bang against me, causing me to stop sucking on Clive's cock , who then got up took Matt's phone & began to take some photos. I was just enjoying Matt's cock soaking inside me when he began to thrust violently into me I crossed my arms in front of me putting my head down on my arms leaving my arse in the air for Matt to hammer with his cock.

I was soon screaming out I was cumming under Matt's lovely cock as he held my waist ,stopping to slap my arse causing me to cry out but it was not with pain as I was enjoying it. He was getting near the end as well I could tell from his breathing he gave my arse a really hard slap making me cum again just as his cock buried itself deep inside me filling my pussy with his seed as Clive took some more photos.

I felt Matt collapse on my back telling me that was good Sara !, he held my boobs pulling on my nipples as he kissed & sucked on the back of my neck, I could just manage a mmmmmmm ! Matt that was nice!

I could feel Matt's cock sliding out of me I turned around & put my head down to lick all our juices off of his cock, he said Fuck Sara ! I have never had a girl lick & suck me after I have just been inside her before - your some girl alright ! I looked up at Clive with Matt's cock in my mouth just as he took a photo.

I knelt up as Clive sat on a chair he handed Matt his phone, Clive told me to get up & sit on his cock I stood up & moved forward facing him when he said no I want your back to me, I straddled his legs looking down to see Matt's cum dripping from me down over Clive's balls & cock I put my arms behind me to steady myself holding his arms as I lowered my wet pussy onto Clive's black cock.

I looked down to see his black cock vanishing from site as i heard Matt's Phone taking more photos, I was biting on my lip as it felt so good as my pussy swallowed all of Clive's black love stick I wriggled my arse against Clive to let him know I had taken it all his hands came around to play with my boobs pulling & squeezing on my nipples.

I put my hands on his thighs lifting my self up & down his long thick cock, he said so good babes, so good, as I heard a chair move closer I opened my eyes to see Matt in front of me , now as Clive held my boobs massaging them in his hands he was offering them to Matt to suck, who bent forward as I thrust my chest out for his lips to devour.

Matt's lips were nipping & sucking on my nipples as he also bit on my boobs, the effect it was having on me was my pussy having one cum after another soaking Clive's cock with my juice & squeezing his cock as well. Meanwhile Clive had been nibbling at my ears & neck making me hornier if that was possible I was leaning my head back to tell him how good his cock felt inside me as well as kiss his lips & face.

We fucked like that for quite some time Clive making small movements with his hips as I enjoyed myself feeling him fill me back up as I dropped back down onto his cock, my boobs were now looking a crimson colour from Matt's biting & sucking as well as some razor rash from his shaved face. Then Clive told me to lay on the floor I lay on the carpet as Clive lay between my spread legs he hooked my legs up over his arms & with me nearly double he began to pound into my pussy.

Matt took a hand & placed it on his cock, I began to stroke & pull on it as Matt wet it with some saliva, Clive was pounding his big black cock into me driving the air from my lungs as he thrust forwards as he soon told us he was going to cum & add his black seed to my white cunt.

I suddenly felt Matt's cock begin to pump & turning my head towards him he shot spurts of his stringy cum into my eyes ,hair & open mouth, he was pushing the strings of cum down to my mouth to swallow as Clive gave a groan as he pumped his black juice inside my wet pussy saying your going to get it all as he squeezed his shaft till I had received every last drop of his cum.

I pulled Clive's face down to mine kissing him telling him he & the fucking had been wonderful, he lifted his head smiling & said to Matt that was the best God damn Xmas present I have ever had ,as Matt nodded in agreement. I kissed Matt thanking him as well, as Clive sat back on the carpet I turned to lick & suck his cock clean for him giving Matt a chance to take a couple more photos of that big black cock in my mouth.

We all got up to get dressed gathering things together & walked to our Taxi outside the gate we had called Matt was dropped off first, as Clive pulled me too him for a kiss & slipped his hand up my outfit to finger my wet pussy where upon I asked him for my g-string with the Taxi driver trying to get a look in his mirror.

As Clive answered with you can have it back the next time we meet giving me a kiss & cuddle before he got out after paying the driver he told him to get me home ok, as we drove off the driver said you look like you have had a good day Miss as he then added I think you have something in your hair - I got my mirror out to see some of Matt's cum in my hair. I arrived back at home as the driver wished me a Merry Xmas telling me he liked my Miss Santa costume, he said isn't it cold without any pants tho and drove off laughing to himself. I hope you liked my story I haven't met with Clive since but I am due to go away on a residential course for 4 days with him soon so watch this space.

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