Written by John

12 Sep 2016

I’ve had the text. She’s just left – back in the car and will be home in an hour or so. No further information than that. I’m dying to have a wank. I’ve been like this since she left this morning. But I know if I wank now then I won’t be able to get hard when she comes back. or that’s my fear anyway.

This is a new adventure for us. I must admit, it was a shock when I found out that my wife had a lover. Even more of a shock to find out how long it had been going on (12 years now, apparently). And I found out purely by chance – a speeding fine that was addressed to me, a little suspicion on my part that led me to log on and check her mobile phone history, and a decision by me to approach the subject in a friendly way, having cooked her dinner and shared a bottle or two of wine.

There were tears of course, from both of us. She because she feared our marriage would end. Mine from relief that we no longer had any secrets, and from a strange delight in knowing that she had found pleasure during the stale years of our relationship and had seemingly chosen her lover carefully. She tells me he is the only one apart from me, and I choose to believe her. She was a virgin when I married her all those years ago. I had the immense pleasure of being the only one, the first, the father to her children, her life partner.

But when you are married to a beautiful woman quite a bit younger than yourself, you know the day may come when she strays. It’s just human nature. I’m thankful that it’s not someone I know, someone that I have to face sometime. I’m thankful that he too is married with kids and can’t easily take her away from me.

So here we go. Soon she’ll be back. if they fucked she’ll be full of his cum, she’ll smell of him. She’ll be sated but nervous. This is new territory for us and I don’t know what to expect. The anticipation is killing me.