Written by Posty69

26 Sep 2012

This all happened about 10 years ago, I have always worked away from home and use a caravan to sleep in. Anyhow I started my own company and continued to do the same work I had eight men working for me. Now I have been asking the wife to get her self a bloke to fuck her and she always agreed whilst we were having sex but always said it was just sex talk afterwards.

By now our kids had grown up and she was at home alone so I suggested that she came away with me in the caravan, she asked about the workers and i said that they could make do in the other 2 caravans that we had.

So while we worked on site the wife would make tea and do sandwiches for all, come the end of the day it was shower, eat and down the pub and then to bed.

On the second night I said that i had a meeting on another job with the architect and would she be ok on her own, she said she would be so off i went.

Now I new that at least 3 of the blokes namely Dave, Sean and Gary would do anything to get into my wife's knickers as i have seen what they get up to every week ( shag any bird they can ).All the time at the meeting i was wondering what if anything was going on at the caravans.At the end of meeting i sped back as fast as i could and parked down the road and walked quietly to the work/caravan site. When i got there i could hear noises coming from my caravan so approached slowly, the curtains had a gap of about 4 inches in them and what i saw made my cock hard instantly.

My wife who is a size 12 btw was on her hands and knees sucking Gary's cock while Dave was licking her pussy from behind and boy was she loving it, me by now had cock in hand and was wanking at the sight i saw.

With Gary just coming in Jean's mouth and over her face another chap called Derek shoved his cock in her mouth and Dave was now pumping for all he was worth at Jean's pussy. He didn't last to long and was soon replaced by Simon with his massive 10 inch cock, i was a bit worried as Jean had only been fucked by me and my 6 inch cock, but by the noises she was making she was doing just fine and enjoying every inch that she took.

After Simon had deposited his load into her Andy soon got behind her and was rubbing his cock into the spunk that was running out of her pussy, and was then pushing his cock against her bum hole within 5 seconds he was in and soon got down to fucking her ass something that i had not done tried but she always stopped me.

I must have been at that window a good hour and a half watching all my men lick, fuck and manhandle my gorgeous wife, I went back to my car gave them half an hour and then drove in to the site noisily.

I went into the caravan and Jean was alone the place was tidy but I could smell the smell of sex and spunk. I got into bed and went for a cuddle but Jean said she was tired I did get a feel of her pussy and it was like a lake down there, I said that i was so horny that i had to fuck her so she let me, my first time ever having a pussy that was full of spunk. (it was heaven)and even better when i went down and ate pussy empty. I didn't tell her what i had seen just commented on how horny she seemed and that her pussy was so wet and tasted delicious.

Next day all the men was up early and had smiles on their faces I said ok you fuckers must have pulled last night anyone i know? they replied that it wasn't but sure that you will get to know her in the future. I sure did get to know my now new sexy, flirty fuck anybody slutty wife. Yes i did tell what i had seen her fuck all my men about two weeks later and told her i enjoyed every minute of it, now she has actually stayed the night with my architect friend Bill who fucked her all night long and she has said that she wants to do it all again, I have now all the work i can handle and Jean has all the cock that she needs plus mine now and again.

The best of this story for me is that not only did my wife get fucked i got more work, but from then some of the men have been bringing their wives one at a time to work with us, happy fucking days.

Anyone wants a job? (must be married)