Written by Baby-sitter

21 Nov 2007

Like many girls i read these stories and wonder why nothing like these ever happens to me, i am not very outgoing more of a stay at home and study type, just turned 20 told i am attractive (size 10) had a few boyfriends the present one for about 12 months, he thinks its for life i only stay with him for someone to go to the pictures or clubs with and of course the essential sex.

Not having very much experience but love being fucked and licked and adore to suck him till he comes in my mouth, i thought sex only lasted for 15 mins.... I.E. a quick fumble in the back of his car or my house if my parents are out followed by a fuck or 69 but never both.

Things were about to change, i had been baby-sitting for one of our neighbours on and off for about 4 years till they moved to a bigger house in the country, then it was only if they were stuck as it was to far to get a taxi and i had to stay over and Mike (not his real name) would drive me back in the morning, i had always got on well with Mike and although he is 34, tall and athletic he had never appealed to me as any thing more than a friend. Last Saturday they were going to a special dinner at the golf club and he called and asked if i could baby-sit, £20 and coming up to christmas i was only to happy to oblige.

When my dad dropped me off and i went in the house he and his wife were ready to go so my dad took them off to the club, he looked drop dead gorgeous in his dinner suit and i thought "watch out 007 your days are up". They got back in the early hours the wife was pissed out her mind and Mike was so annoyed with her saying she had spoiled the whole evening and wished he had taken me instead "so do i was my reply" i told him i was going to bed now but if he wants to talk he knows were i am, i might take you up on that he said jokingly, who's joking was my reply.

I got into bed naked just hoping he may come but the banging about in his room went quite as he must have got his drunk wife to bed, and still thinking about him i went to sleep. It must of only been a short time before i was wakened by the door opening and Mike standing at the side of the bed in just his shorts, if you want me to leave just say go? i lifted the quilt and slid over as he removed his shorts and got into bed. We kissed without saying a word, cupping and kissing my tits for what seemed an eternity before sliding his hand down to my smooth shaven pussy, one two even three fingers all he kept whispering was "your so wet" he spent so long fingering me i was about to cum ( i have only ever cum before with oral never by finger or fucking) it was now my turn i reached down to find a hard dick of a size i had never seen before perhaps not porn star standard but compared to my boyfriend twice the length and so thick i couldn't get my fingers around it, pushing him on his back i knelt up and slowly started to insert him in my mouth i could only get about half his length in... never done any deep throat never had a boyfriend with a dick big enough to try to be honest, He was soon moaning with pleasure and as much as i love the taste of spunk i needed to be fucked by this marvellous dick, fuck me now i pleaded and without having to ask again i was on my back having his weapon worked into my tight eager cunt, with some gentle persuasion he was soon all the way in it felt so big i thought i would be torn in two but the slight pain soon went and the fucking began after a while he pulled out turned me over and taking me doggy style pounded me fast and hard for ages i must have cum two or three times, saying he was going to cum did i want him to pull out, don't you dare i said fill me with your spunk in seconds he was coming in spurt after spurt, as he pulled out spunk was dripping down my legs i turned took his dick in my mouth and sucked every little drop of both our juices from his now softening dick.

We kissed then he went back to his own room, i lay in bed for hours going over every little detail of the 2 hours of what has got to be the best sex i have ever had, this was real sex with a real man not smooth skin boys who can only last for 5 mins. As he drove me back home the next morning he admitted he had never felt a shaved cunt before and although his wife had on the odd occasion taken his dick in her mouth she never sucked him properly and would never lick his cum and has never let him go down on her as she thinks this is disgusting. We have arranged to meet again very soon and i have told him i will suck and try to deep throat him till he comes and swallow all his cum but only if he licks me till i cum, he got quite excited at this and a suppose the fact i was wanking him as we drove down the country lane didn't help.

So girls remember not all the stories you read are fantasies this is very true and believe me i will be doing a lot more baby-sitting now over christmas.