Written by michelle

31 Mar 2010

My name is Michelle, I wrote about my first greedy girl experience on here a while ago and your comments were so nice I thought I'd tell you about another of my adventures as a single swinging woman.

I'd met Chris a couple of times before. I met him online and had met him one on one and had a threesome with him and a friend of his. He was good company, the sex was fun and he had a very dirty mind full of new things to try. On this particular day we'd arranged for him to pick me up and take me to his house. His wife was away and we'd decided to have an afternoon of sex.

However when I got in his car and we started on the way he informed me that he'd arranged for another couple to join us. I didn't mind as I'd had a few foursomes in the past and was finding that I liked the attention of a woman every bit as much as from a man. As we drove along the M60 to his house he had a hand rubbing my slit though my g-string and I was already beginning to feel monstrously horny so I released his cock as gently wanked him. His knob was glistening with pre-cum by the time we pulled up but I made sure I didn't make him cum as I didn't want to spoil our fun.

We'd just had time to make a brew when there was a knock on the door. Chris's mate Paul had arrived but he was alone as the woman had let him down. He asked if he was still ok to join us, Chris looked over at me and I just nodded secretly glad that I'd get all the attention after all. So we finished our coffee and then Chris and Paul sat on either side of me on the sofa. I took turns kissing them as their hands explored my breasts and made their way between my thighs.

They took their time undressing me and almost before I knew it my sodden g-string was being pulled down and I was naked. Chris had seen me naked a few times but this was the first time I'd set eyes on Paul and as he stripped naked he never took his eyes from my tits and fanny. At that point Chris suggested that we put on the webcam and put on a show. I was so horny that I agreed and just wanted to fuck. Chris put the camera so it covered the room and noticed that another of his friends, Jamie (who we'd had the threesome with a couple of weeks before) was online and told him to keep watching as he was in for a treat.

To be truthful within a few seconds I forgot the cam was even on. After all there were two naked men in front of me and I gratefully took a cock in each hand. I looked them in the eyes before taking each dick into my mouth in turn. I licked and sucked their cocks and sucked on ther heavy spunk filled balls. I got them both good and hard then Chris covered his ramrod stiff dick and slid into my gaping wet pussy. I was on all fours and Paul was feeding his dick into my mouth as the two of them spitroasted me. For any woman who hasn't tried it. Its a wonderful feeling, having all those hands exploring you as your fucked and know theres more to come from the man in your mouth. The groans of pleasure when you know your satisfying two men and you know your going to be totally fucked.

After a few minutes of this bliss Paul replaced Chris in my cunt and I started licking my juices from Chris's swollen cock.

"She's got a lovely arse" Paul said as he rammed my pussy. Chris looked down at me and said,

"Can I fuck your arse?"

"No!!" I said "No Fucking way!!" I'd never had anal and had never wanted to try it.

"Why not" said Chris,

"Cause It'll hurt" I said

"Not if its lubed up right" he said and then told me he'd had it. I knew he was bi but it never occured that he'd had his arse fucked. He continued to badger me and after Paul had shot his spunk all over my arse and back. We sat recovering with a brew. Paul then thanked me and made his excuses and left. Chris continued to ask about screwing my arse and I don't know why but after a lot of pestering I thought "Sod it why not give it a go" if just to shut him up.

So he had me stand and bend over a chair. He brought out some KY jelly and first lubed his fingers before fingering my virgin arsehole. It was strangly pleasent feeling his fingers intruding into my most sacred place and I felt like a dirty whore and I loved it. Then Chris lubed his cock and pushed against my tight little bumhole. He told me to relax, which was easier said than done but eventually I felt his knob making progress then suddenly he was in my arse. To my surprise it felt good as he gently rocked in and out of my arsehole. He very slowly picked up speed, pushing a little deeper with each stroke until he was in my anus up to his balls and he fucked my arse quite hard. It was a strange sensation and one I've since learned to love but at the time I wasn't sure about what was happening but I knew I'd do it again as I loved the dirty feeling it gave me.

All to soon Chris pulled out and covered my arsehole and cheeks with his sperm. I shuddered with pleasure as I fely his red hot cum running down me.

All through me losing my anal virginity it never occured to me that we been on cam. But we had. After making me a drink and washing his cock, Chris checked the messaged he'd recieved and told some of his friends what he'd just done. Then to my surprise he turned and asked if another guy could come round. I was a little shocked but just said,

"Ok, but he's not having my arse"

Fifteen minutes later I was on my back as the man fucked me whilst Chris took pictures and a wanked his cock. The stranger gave me my first big orgasm of the day before pulling out of my sopping wet fanny and spunking over my tits. A few drops of his seed even hit my chin. I usually hate spunk on my face but by then I was to fucked to care.

I knew I was a slut. But I'd never been as bad as that day. Even when I'd screwed strangers in the club. Today I'd allowed a man to fuck my in my virgin arsehole and let two total strangers fuck me hard whilst anyone who wanted to watched online did. I loved the feeling though of total abandon. I'd enjoyed every moment and just wanted more. I just wish the men could keep up...........